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2023: Adamawa embattled APC Chairman makes shocking revelations on why he is being hunted

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  • 2023: Adamawa embattled APC Chairman makes shocking revelations of why is being hunted

…..I’m still remain a bonafide APC member and Chairman of the Adamawa chapter of the party, I can’t leave the party now for PDP

By Tom Garba, Yola

Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal, Adamawa State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) made shocking revelations giving the path fingers to those making efforts to ruin the party in the state.

Ibrahim in a press statement distanced himself from what is befallen the party but accused other party members for taking the aftermath of gubernatorial primaries to use him as scapegoat in order to settle scores.

He said the sponsored malicious report published by Sahara reporters against him by his political enemies are some of their plans to caged him from telling the truth in a later date.

According to him remains the party’s bonafide member and Chairman because his suspension was not legally followed.

“It is therefore needs restating, as alluded in my initial response to the circus of my alleged impeachment, that I still remain APC Chairman Adamawa State chapter and a bonafide member of the APC who still cherish his membership of our great party the APC. I can’t leave the party now, not even for the discredited People’s Democratic Party, in the state nor any other political party. My feet are firmly rooted in the APC, and no amount of vitriolic attack targeted at me and other dutiful and loyal members of my Exco, who have suffered the trauma of our aborted impeachment, can overcome our steadfast resolve to see the party blossom by meeting the yearnings of teeming party members in the state to take over Dougirei government house come next year general elections.” Ibrahim said

He said that the story of his defection to PDP was orchestrated by people who don’t really know him well, and his political principles using the Sahara reporters as a medium known for hate speech to published the fake story

“My attention has been drawn to an incredible report in Sahara Reporters, that I have since resigned my membership of the All Progressive Congress and joined the opposition People’s Democratic Party, nothing can be more malicious and vexatious, than such a misleading report.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I Ibrahim Bilal, still remains first and foremost an abiding APC member and chairman of the Adamawa State chapter of our great party. It is puerile to even conceive I could leave the party, I helped laboured to build at this material time.” Bilal said

He continued to say that:

“Just a cursory background check on the current muck raking, by a few elements within the party on a futile mission to foment crisis within our party, in furtherance of the premeditated agenda of their political paymasters, would clearly reveal the root cause of the current crisis.

” I am a man caught in the web of high stake politics, and those bent on getting Bilal, out of the way, would rather hang on him, a bad name so they could hang him.

“As, it has been reported much of the antagonism against me has come as a result of the fallout of our party’s governorship primaries, the truth, is those, who feel I remain a threat to their life time ambition of governing the state, against the popular will of our party men and women, feel Bilal, should be made the scapegoat for reasons of expediency. Such unconscionable actions, against a mere mortal, on whom some would like to hang their fate, can only breed strife and division and plunge the party into needless and avoidable crisis, should we allow ourselves to be bereft of restraint and circumspection.

” I am evaluating the available course of action to mend fence and ensure we navigate the ship of our party out of this perilous turbulence. I am a man of peace. The survival of our party, its hope and promise, I will never allow to suffer hurt. But I take exception to being vilified by those who are already in collusion with the ruling PDP in the state to sabotage our party’s chances in the 2023 elections, which all this machinations is contrived to achieve. Nor will I let any ground for those who are subordinating the party to their own whims and caprices, that if it is not them, then everything else can go to pieces.

“This fight is not for Bilal, alone, we must unite to save our party from fifth columnist within the party, whose alternative plan is to sow confusion within the party, after having sold the party and their conscience away to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, with a promissory note they hoped to cash after 2023 elections.

“But we would delude ourselves, if, we fail to keep a united house. Ultimately, it is God who bestows power, on whom he wills, when he wills, no mortal can ever take that omnipotence. Without stating the obvious, Sahara Reporters, which has been reportedly, hired, as a proxy for their disinformation campaign, terribly got it wrong. Because I couldn’t at this stage in my political life, have contemplated resigning my position as Adamawa APC party chairman. That said, they would soon hear from my lawyers, if within seven days they don’t retract their, fallacious and mendacious report, alleging my fictitious defection to the PDP.

“Once again, I wish to thank all APC faithfuls in Adamawa, for their solidarity, and goodwill, in this moment. This season, foisted upon us by elements bent on plunging a virile party into crisis will come to an end. Before that, the lesson of this moment, is that our peace and serenity as a party, must be guarded. It is priceless. And needs guarding jealously by all stakeholders of goodwill.
The script of the opposition to plunge the party into crisis, at the verge of a crucial elections, should reawaken our consciousness and vigilance. Because democracy dies through nonchalance to actions of a political class bent on subverting the rule of law.”

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