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2023: Veteran journalist cautions media owners over personal interests

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2023: Veteran journalist cautions media owners over profit maximization
Ahead of the 2023 general Elections, a veteran journalist Alhaji Ahmed Maiyaki has cautioned Media owners on targeting self interest rather than pursue patrotic issues
Speaking in Kaduna on Friday, Maiyaki lamented that some media owners seek personal gain at the detriment of the poor masses.
According to him, “media owner influences, the media owners are out to maximise profits. But  journalism is not where you make profit. You benefit from setting political agenda for the interest of the public, but the moment the public discover that you are pushing a personal interest, your media outfit will not last.”
He pointed that “we have seen such media organisations that have collapsed after achieving personal interests. I don’t want to call names but there are two major television stations in the country that have lost considerable viewership because of pursuing personal interests above public interest.If you are pursuing public interest many people will like to partner with your organisation. But the ones that are pursuing personal interest do not last. There are television stations now that their contents no longer appeal to viewers so they tune in to those ones that appeal to them.”
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