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Setback for Suswam as Appeal Court quashes Tribunal evidence



…..as Senator Udende remains confident of victory

The Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja today set aside the decision of the National/State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal in the matter between Gabriel Suswam and Senator Emmanuel Memga Udende and all subsequent evidence thereto and ordered them expunged from the records.

Ruling on the appeal today, Muhammad Lawal Shuaibu the presiding Judge held that haven looked at Suswam’s Motion and Affidavit to set aside order, there was no justification for the Trial Tribunal to have allowed the motion, haven foreclosed the petitioners for want of time.

It held that Suswam and the People’s Democratic Party were stopped from further calling witnesses in their Petition challenging the return of All Progressives Congress’ Sen Udende. However, in a dramatic turn of events, the Tribunal reversed it’s ruling, allowing Suswam time to reopen his case and the petition.

The Court of Appeal set aside the decision of the Tribunal and all subsequent evidence thereto and ordered them expunged from the records.

Meanwhile, the Senate Committee Chairman on Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and Anti-Corruption, Senator Emmanuel Memga Udende of Benue North East who was represented in court by Wilson Iorshe is confident that the Court of Appeal will uphold his election.

Reacting to the ruling, Jerry Iorngaem, Special Adviser to Senator Udende in a press statement said the Notice of Appeal against the entire judgment of the Tribunal has been filed and served.

He added that the decision of the court today means that Suswam case suffers further devastation that would not stand at the Court of Appeal, when finally heard.

Earlier, in the appeal, Senator Udende prayed the appellate court to hold that the tribunal lacked powers to reverse itself and that the decision be set aside.

Taraba FRSC tasks  Special Marshalls on emotional  intelligence 

 The Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC), Taraba command on Thursday urged the special Marshalls to be emotionally intelligent and sensitive while carrying out patrol and traffic.
Corps commander Dama Bello, the command’s Sector commander gave the charge  while speaking at a sensitization workshop organized for special Marshalls in Taraba.
According to Bello, the work of Special Marshals, just like the regular Marshals, comes with associated risk of occupational hazards resulting from improper behavior of some drivers.
The Corp commander said there was need for the Marshalls to be emotionally intelligent and sensitive while carrying out patrols and traffic.
“I wish to urge you marshalls to be emotionally intelligent and sensitive while carrying out patrols and traffic.
“The work of Special Marshals, just like the regular Marshals comes with associated risk of occupational hazards resulting from improper behavior of some  drivers so, there is need for you to be emotionally intelligent and sensitive while carrying out patrols and traffic
“The Special Marshal Guidelines, Volunteerism in Road Safety Management, Possibilities and Limits as papers to be presented in this workshop are carefully chosen because, they captured the very essence of Special Marshal which is a voluntary endeavour and also the need to be guided in the conduct of this voluntary calling of ensuring the Safety of road users.
“While I commend you for your courage and diligence, I wish to inform you that I intend to organize retraining activities for the existing Special Marshals and also a well packaged training programme for some to be inducted as new Special Marshals.
“I wish to implore you all to be committed to the duty of ensuring Safety of our motorists, and also cooperate fully with the Taraba state FRSC command to achieve success in the quest to safeguard road users” The sector commander urged.
Earlier, Chief Emmanuel Udeh, Taraba  Special Marshal acting coordinator, described Special Marshals as the second tier of (FRSC), men and women of proven integrity in the society with means of livelihood, those who work to augment the role played by regular Marshals without being paid.
Mr Joseph Nzama on behalf of the zonal coordinators of the special Marshalls, commended the FRSC for the workshop and urged the participants to see the workshop as an avenue to enhance  their capacity for the voluntary service.

APC North West lauds Tinubu over economic policies



The All Progressives Congress (APC) North-west zone has commended President Bola Tinubu for the steps taken so far to save Nigeria from imminent socio-economic collapse by attracting and wooing investors into the country.

APC North-west Zonal National Vice Chairman, Hon. Garba Datti Mohammed made this remark on Monday after presiding over a meeting between the APC chairmen of the seven North-west states and the zonal executive committee.

He said apart from some critical decisions President Tinubu had taken, he had also met with various Heads of State and government, as well as holding several bilateral talks at the sidelines of major global meetings to ensure that the fortunes of Nigeria is turned around and the economic and security situations are tremendously improved.

“We want to thank President Bola Tinubu for taking critical decisions to save this country from imminent collapse. He was in South Africa, India for the G20 meeting, he was at the (United Nations General Assembly) UNGA, he has held several bilateral discussions with various heads of states. We assure him that the North-west zone that have him the largest number of votes is with him and we would continue to support him.

“We are here to assess the judgments of the tribunals in various states of the North-west. We are happy with the outcome of the judgment of Kano state which confirmed the court as the last hope of the common man. We congratulate the winners and other party faithful in Kano. We would support the judgment up to the Supreme Court because it is a good judgment. We would challenge the Zamfara state tribunal judgment because we have hope that the judgment would be upturned at the higher court.

“We are going on a familiarisation tour of all the seven states in the North-west zone to see and assess what is there. In consultation with chairman of Governors Forum, we are convening a stakeholders meeting with Governors, National Assembly members, ministers and other critical stakeholders to see how we can move the party and the nation forward.

“We commend our Governors for sustaining the party at all levels. We also resolve to have functional offices of the party from the ward to the local government, state, zonal and national levels,” Hon. Garba Datti said.


Taraba commences training of civil servants on e-governance system



Taraba Government on Monday commenced the training of senior civil servants in line with Gov. Agbu Kefas’ move to introduce an electronic governance system in the state.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a 5-Day Professional Development Workshop for Secretaries of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies  in Jalingo, Kefas said the training was one of the components of the ongoing strategic roadmap to repositioning the civil service.

According to him, at the end of the training, participants would be suitably prepared to adapt to the modern and emerging trends of bureaucracy and administration through the seminal papers that the workshops seasoned resource persons would present, which would cover a wide range of topics.

“My goal is to transform and institutionalize a Civil Service in which everyone is adaptive and compliant in the areas of computer literacy in a bid to entrench an e-governance platform that will boost efficiency, eliminate bureaucratic red tape, and enhance transparency.

Represented by the state  Head of Service, Ms Suzy Nathan, the governor noted that the  workshop promised to bring the  secretaries up to date in line with his vision for the service.

“I can guarantee you that regular training seminars like this one will be extended to other cadres in the Civil Service as well.

“In my inaugural speech, I clearly stated that my administration will restore the integrity of the Civil Service which has been bastardized through favoritism and political considerations. We will give the Civil Service a better orientation to restore its professionalism.

“I am committed to this and in going this, we will be fair and firm as we act only in pursuance of public interest and Public Service Rule”. Therefore, as this administration stabilizes and puts its development plan into action, I ask for the steadfast support, loyalty, and collaboration of the whole Civil Service in implementing our strategies and goals.

“I will continue to place a high priority on your welfare because a happy workforce will be committed, diligent, and forward-thinking, ” he said.

Earlier, Prof. Francis Nchuchuwe of the Lagos State University, the lead consultant to the training, said  the essence of the training was to equip Secretaries of ministries and agencies to become more effective.

He explained that the government was determined to ensure that the workforce was effective in implementing the policies of the government

Benue Commissioner Kidnapped in Zaki-Biam



By Tahav Agerzua

There are confirmed reports that several gunmen stormed the residence of Matthew Abo, Benue State Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism in Zaki-Biam and abducted him about two hours ago.

Eyewitnesses state that the kidnappers came on four motorcycles, ordered everyone in the house including the commissioner’s wife and children to lie face down and took him away to an unknown destination on one of the motorcycles.

The witnesses said the abductors compelled the commissioner at gun point to sit behind the rider of one of the motorcycles while a gunman sandwitched him.

The abduction took place after 8 pm on Sunday, 24th September, 2023.

The matter has been reported to the police.

Abo was sworn in as a member of the Benue State Executive Council on August 29th, 2023.

He hails from Ukum local government area which has been a major flashpoint of criminal activities with rampant killings and kidnappings in recent times.

IPPS Salaries alleged corruption in Yola UBRBDA: In Defence of Suleiman, Finance Assistant Director


IPPS Salaries alleged corruption in Yola UBRBDA: In Defence of Suleiman, Finance Assistant Director

Damian Robert

Weeks ago both conventional and online media organizations were so much agog propagating a sponsored narrative to dent the image of Mr. Abubakar Tela Suleiman, an Assistant Payroll Personnel Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority (UBRBDA) to have used the Integrated payroll personnel Information System (IPPS) and defrauded staffs of the organization from their salary accounts.

It beat my imagination to come to terms with this unimaginable fake and cooked-up story of the fact that an integrated payroll system can be manipulated by one Man who is far away from the database and breakthrough the salaries payment system to enrich himself and others.

May I inform Habib Garba and Amos Douglas as the petitioners hired to embark on a long voyage of unprofitable venture that the introduction of IPPS is to stop illegal government spending payment of undue salaries, and illegal deductions and control the financial system of government through an automated system as one of the reasons it was established?

That is why your petitions to all Anti-graft agencies like the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission (ICPC), your petition to the Auditor General office, and the one to the Ministry of Water Resources on 21st January 2022 could not get headway. I see your actions as a brainwashed wisdom of the belief that the best form of defense is to Launch an attack to cover many of your sins soon to be in the public domain.

I studied your petitions which centered on <strong>”massive fraud and abuse of office orchestrated in the Integrated payroll personnel Information System by Abubakar Suleiman, the Assistant Director Finance of the Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority Yola, Adamawa State on the 9th February 2023″</strong>. A journey of about eight months to pin down Abubakar is not possible but left me to ask you guys an obvious question. Why is it that the EFCC, the ICPC, the Minister, the Permanent Secretary, the Auditor General, and the entire Ministry of Water Resources reports could not find him guilty after many of your baseless petitions were submitted?

I’m compelled to write in defense of Abubakar who over the years he chosen to remain silent and allow God and natural justice to take its full course. I see him as a perfect and honest gentleman to remains a silent warrior. I’m very sure the Assistant Director has all that it takes to reply to you in defense and to fight back to clear his name you are dragging into the mud. Despite your gang-up and the show of hatred to cover the mess you all committed, the investigation committee of the Ministry of Water Resources formed a committee to investigate the matter and found him guiltless. If they do, why is the Assistant Director despite your attacks to smear him black, the EFCC, ICPC, and all the places and those you have sent your petitions have discharged and acquitted him of all crimes? It should be done on you that you are fighting a lost battle and be sure that Kama is watching with a disgusted eye to fight back in defense because is a witch.

May I also tell Douglas and Habib that the court of public opinion has equally found Suleiman innocent of your frivolous allegations? Which is why I’m defending him and I want to clear his name from all the mess you have instituted against him. You have taken too long on the wrong person, please watch back at the four fingers pointing at you, I’m sure it is an accusation of your hiding crimes to be unearthed soon.

I know of a time in many organizations when there was a mistake in salary payment through an IPPS, some were overpaid while many others were underpaid and vouchers were raised by upright accountants and returned mopped-up money to the government treasury. Maybe my gullible petitioners were unable to question whether Suleiman was able to return money if there were lapses of payment through the IPPS emanating from his office. One thing I know and am very sure off, no one can stand the fight of siphoning government money to enrich himself and still be roaming the streets of Yola unarrested after all forms of petitions against him. I can say that Suleiman has passed the integrity test of a corrupt Government official. With your petitions, I believe the DSS, the ICPC, and EFCC have unknown to you invited him and cleared his name over the petitions you are sponsoring and padding around the world of media.

His silence not replying to your foul petitions is wisdom and I commend him for such a humane maturity. I call you to leave him alone and find your troubles elsewhere, I’m very sure soon, and very soon you too will meet your Waterloo of servants with unfaithful stewardship. He who laughs last will certainly laugh the best, in all these, Suleiman will laugh last. He will keep seeing him going high because I found out from all records that your attacks are a mere defense to shield your one thousand and one sins. Tell your sponsors that he is pure as a crystal, he is innocent of all your petty petitions.

In my last note, let me reiterate that the court of public opinion has vindicated Suleiman, hence my confidence to put this opinion for record sake. He has proven beyond reasonable doubt is a leader and can not stoop too low in replying to you over baseless issues. But he earned the respect of the public and I found it a duty to write on his defense that you have succeeded in wasting your time, killing your moral guard by losing your entire respect to the general public. Nobody can buy your word for a penny in this battle you were hired to do. You lost it all through, you have all disgraced yourselves and he won it over you because of his decision not to reply to you.

As a professional accountant, I can say that Suleiman has kept one of the cleanness records since the history of Yola UBRBDA. Otherwise, your petition would long booted him out of office and behind bars to serve a jail term.

Look elsewhere on who to fight Please, Suleiman has gone far to become what Destiny is calling him to become take it or leave, He is certainly going to be under whatever guise of attacks your taskmasters and those you lick their boots are directing you to do. “The head that destined to wear the golden crown, must one day wear it. ” It is not in your petitions but in what the destiny lies ahead for him.


No too long, I’m sure the truth shall unravel itself, there shall be Justice in both Natural and Divine laws between you and him who is in the part of Justice.

Abubakar Suleiman Tela, God is with you, the people are with you and the natural justice is a jury and judge to disgrace your enemy.

Damian Robert is a public affairs analyst
He wrote from No. 22 Lere Drive Ungwan Rimi Kaduna, Kaduna State

Unpaid Salaries: Implement University law (No 04) now, TSU ASUU roars


Unpaid Salaries: Implement University law (No 04) now, TSU ASUU roars


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Taraba state University Jalingo, on Thursday demanded the immediate implementation of the Taraba state house of Assembly law (N0 4), for effective and stable academic calendar in the institution.

Dr. Joshua Ambave, the ASUU chairman made the demand while briefing journalists in Jalingo.

He explained that the Taraba state house of Assembly law (N0 4), outline various sources of funding for the university that would be use to fund the institution.

According to the ASUU chairman, the non implementation of the law by Taraba state government which includes, the 5 percent of the monthly state statutory allocation, 5 percent of the statutory allocation of the local government in the state, the 2.5 percent of contracts awarded by the state and local governments, 2 percent as state education levy from charges on the (Guest in hotels) in the state as well as other sources as determined by the university council, was a threat to the institution’s academic calendar.

“While we commend governor Agbu Kefas for his efforts towards academic development in Taraba, we wish to state here that there are lingering issues affecting the university that have continue to precipitate industrial disharmony.

“The issue of funding is one major issue that has to be tackle with immediate effect to enable lecturers and the university to give the best that is require for the students. We want the state government to immediately implement the Taraba state house of Assembly law (N0 4), that outline various sources of funding for the university.

“The inadequate funding of the university has led to delay, irregular and some times, fractional payment of salaries. We are being owed six full months and seven months fractional salaries. I wish to inform that our members are still not been paid the July and August salaries.

“It is sad to mention that our members are going through excruciating economic reality in the wake of fuel subsidy removal and inflammatory forces.

“We want the Taraba state government to implement the 2021 Memorandum of Action (MOA), signed between the university, the state government and the ASUU- TSU branch.

“The issue of Earned Academic Allowances (EAA), must be taking serious. The union members are being owed the Earned Academic Allowances since 2015, and the government lacks clarity regarding staff pension and gratuity.

“The security of our members is threatened, we want the government to commence the construction of the school parameter fence to enhance security of the university as agreed upon in the (MOA), and immediately address the issue of lecturers outstanding promotion arrears for 2020, 2021 and 2022, as well as the step increment from October 2020 to July 2021”. The  TSU ASUU chairman demanded.

The varsity academic union however, appealed to the Taraba state government to take urgent and create concrete steps to address the concern, and ensure the sustainable development and stability of the state university.

The union also urged all relevant stakeholders and government to engage in constructive dialogue and implement solution to resolve the pressing issues for the best interest of the university and the state at large.

Datti Muhammad Holds Maiden Meeting As Northwest APC Vice Chairman


Datti Muhammad Holds Maiden Meeting As Northwest APC Vice Chairman

. . . Vows To Retain Party’s Status As Dominant Political Platform


The new National Chairman of the Northwest wing of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Garba Datti Muhammad held his maiden meeting with the Zonal Executive Officers at the party’s Zonal Secretariat in Kaduna yesterday.

Datti Muhammad, a former lawmaker vowed to retain his party’s status as the dominant political platform in the zone, just as he promised to harness his wealth of experience to restrengthen unity and cohesion among the party faithfuls in the geopolitical zone.

This, according to a statement made available to newsmen in Kaduna on Tuesday, where the zonal Vice Chairman also stated that Northwest is the most important zone in the country.

In the statement signed by the Zonal Publicity Secretary; North West, Malam Musa Mailafiya Mada, Datti Muhammad appealed for cooperation of the Zonal Executive Officers for the success of the task ahead.

The party zonal Vice Chairman opined that success can only be achieved if the party remain actively united by exploring grey areas beyond the electioneering processes.

He reiterated his commitment and that of the National Chairman Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje towards ensuring that the party maintain a full time operations.

Recall that Hon. Garba Datti Muhammad was sworned in by the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in August 2023, following the resignation of the former National Vice Chairman Salihu Moh. Lukman on the 26th of July, 2023.

Meanwhile, at the first official meeting, the Zonal Legal Adviser Barr. Bashir Ussaini Dutse, Zonal Organizing Secretary Hon. Salisu Uba Tsafe, Zonal Publicity Secretary Malam Musa Mailafiya Mada, Zonal Leader of People With Disability Hon. Lawal Muhammad Na Rogo and Zonal Youths Leader Hon. Abdulhamid Umar Mohammed were all present.

Court nullifies Kaduna order banishing deposed Piriga paramount ruler, Zamuna


Court nullifies Kaduna order banishing deposed Piriga paramount ruler, Zamuna.


Kaduna High Court on Tuesday nullified a Kaduna State government restriction of movement order placed on the deposed paramount ruler of Piriga Chiefdom, Lere Local Government of the state, His Royal Highness, Chief Jonathan Parguwa Zamuna.

Delivering judgement on the case of breach of Fundamental Rights, Honourable Justice Nasiru U. Sadiq said the banishing order runs contrary to section 41, subsection 1 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) which ‘states that every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof, and no citizen of Nigeria shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry thereby or exit therefrom’.

A Kaduna High Court sitting in Kafanchan, had three weeks ago, nullified similar restriction of movement order placed on the deposed traditional ruler of Arak Chiefdom in Sanga Council area, His Royal Highness, retired Brigadier General Iliya Yammah.

The court also ordered Kaduna state government to pay Chief Yammah 5 million Naira damages for breach of Fundamental Rights.

Immediate past Governor, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai had on 22nd May, 2023
announced the deposition of the two paramount rulers, stating “the depositions followed recommendations from the Ministry of Local Government Affairs in line with the provisions of Section 11 of the Traditional Institutions Law No. 21 of 2021”, a statement signed by the Commissioner for Local Government Affairs, Hajiya Umma Ahmad, disclosed in a statement.

Reacting to the Court,s ruling, the lead Counsel to Chief Zamuna, Barrister Napoleon O. Idenala expressed satisfaction, even though dismayed that the defendants did not appear in court or counter any of the Applicant’s claims, having a High Court sitting at Kafanchan, recently declared a similar action of the government as illegal and void.

Barrister Napoleon explained further the magnitude of trauma the deposed chief suffers since the banishment order was placed on him, having lost his wife, brother and sister within a space of four months; however, he reserved comment on whether to appeal the refusal of the Court to award any damages despite claiming for 250 million naira damages, even though the court found that there was no defence and the Claimants fundamental right had been breached.

The Lead Counsel also stated further, the case the deposed Chief filed at the National lndustrial Court, sitting in Kaduna, praying the court to void his deposition and reinstate him back to his throne because the action of the government in doing so was arbitrary and without regards to the provisions of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

“He had filed an action at the National lndustrustrial Court sitting in Kaduna challenging the legality of his deposition”.

“Upon his deposition, he was more or less banished to his house. Initially, the government wanted to banish him to an unknown house in Unguwan Rimi, Kaduna, which he refused. The government subsequently took him to his own house in Kaduna South and placed him literary under house arrest, by restricting his freedom of movement, with security stationed in front of his house”.

He gave a chronology of sad event that happened while Chief Zamuna has been on house arrest: “Someone need to be in his shoes before he can understand the magnitude of trauma His Highness is going through under the house arrest he has been subjected to: it was barely three weeks after his wife of over forty years died when the government announced his deposition, he explained.

He continued; “While under house arrest, his younger brother took ill and was admitted in the Hospital in Abuja; the government denied him permission to visit him; when he later died July, still, he was denied permission to see his dead body; yet, his request to attend his burial was denied and until after the burial that he received a letter from the government telling him that he can now attend the burial already done.

“After the death of his brother, his Nephew also died in Sanga area, yet, he could not attend the burial”, explained.

However, the Defendant were not in court for there response, as they did not appear in court through out while the case was heard, to when judgement was delivered.


NUJ, NGO in collaboration with Kaduna State government to fight Social Vices


NUJ, NGO in collaboration with Kaduna State government to fight social vices


Barring any last minute change of programme, Kaduna State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in partnership with 4th Angle Konsult, a Non governmental Organisation (NGO) have concluded arrangements to sensitise the people against social vices in the society.

To this, the NUJ and the NGO have gone into collaboration with the Kaduna State government on how to achieve a successful event scheduled for the second week of November 2023.

The General Manager of 4th Angle, Mr. Joshua Maude while briefing the NUJ Chairman, Hajiya Asma’u Yawo Halilu on preparedness for the event, disclosed that many organisations were willing to grace the occasion.

However, Mr. Maude appealed to NUJ as the bridge between his organisation and government not to relent in its efforts in getting the support of the State government as the occasion was fast approaching.

While responding, the NUJ Chairman assured the leadership of the NGO of the Union’s readiness to ensure the event comes to reality, adding that building a better society is one of the primary responsibilities of journalists all over the world.

She promised to keep the State government on its toes towards the success of the programme, adding that relevant government officials have already been contacted about the programme.

Earlier, the NGO General Manager presented a copy of the sample of the book that will be launched and distributed free of charge to schools and organisations to sensitising the society against social vices.

According to Mr. Maude, “We are here to present to you with copies of our campaign materials against religious intolerance, violence, hate speech, tribalism, ethnicity and drugs abuse and other social vices in Kaduna State.

“The aim of this campaign is to change the mindset of the good people of the State because before now we used to coexist irrespective of religion, tribe and political affiliations. But in recent past, there is a big divide to the extent that people no longer believe in themselves, no longer trust one another, there is apprehension everywhere.

“So in our bid to build a better society, we feel that there is need for us to partner with the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna State Council to bring back the once peaceful coexistence in Kaduna State. NUJ as a major player in building a better society, hence our coming to partner with you to achieve this noble objective. We intend to print millions of this copy for free distribution to schools, religious organizations, organised labour and market places. We intend to launch this project with the support of the State government come November 11,2023 here in Kaduna.

“We are appealing to the Kaduna State to join hands with us towards building a better Kaduna State. We intend to extend our hands of fellowship to corporate organisations and other relevant agencies of government to join us in this fight against social vices. We have gone very far in contacting organisations like the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Interfaith organisation and other religious bodies.

“We have paid courtesy calls to some prominent organisations within Kaduna State. We are contact with the national headquarters of Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) because all of them are major stakeholders towards building a better society”.

While thanking the General Manager of the NGO and his team, the NUJ Chairman, Hajiya Asma’u Yawo Halilu assured that, “We will do everything possible within our capacity to ensure that this programme see the light of the day. It is our collective project and more so that we as journalists will never shy away from building a better society because it is one of our responsibilities as journalists all over the world to ensure a better society for peaceful coexistence”.