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Muslim Muslim ticket: Buhari, Tinubu,APC Chair are potential Boko Haram members, Sen Abbo says



Muslim Muslim ticket: Buhari, Tinubu,APC Chair are potential Boko Haram members, Sen Abbo says

….APC stakeholder call for his sanction in the Adamawa Party

The Muslim Muslim join ticket decided by the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential flag bearer, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu has caused a lot of aspersions and disruptive argument by many party stakeholders.

To party loyalists like Mr Ishaku Abbo (Cliff), the Senator representing Adamawa Northern Senatorial District has openly criticized the choice of Senator Kashim Shetima as Tinubu’s running mate for the 2023 general election.

Abbo in many forum and medium out let said that the join ticket is a slap and disrespectful to the Christians community.

He asserted that the decision is outrightly a blasphemy and a sacrilege to all Christians in Nigeria, especially those ones who are card carrying members of the party.

The Adamawa Northern Senator recently in the Church sermon and a meeting of the APC Christian Northern forum spear headed by Engr Babachir Lawal, former Secretary to the government of the federation, said anyone in the party that is supporting the Muslim Muslim ticket is a “potential Boko Haram member.”

On the Muslim Muslim ticket Abbo Stated his position in both his verified social media handles and said that his soul is not for sale, and he cannot trade truth for votes, and he cannot be used to cover up injustice.

The condemnation of the Muslim Muslim Ticket by Senator Cliff, an APC stakeholder in Adamawa North, Rilwan Haruna Lawal is of the view that the aggressive lawmaker has declared an opened war to all party critical stakeholders.

According to Riwan the Senator has disrespected the party’s leaders who have supported the Kashim Shetima’s choice to be the next vice president of Nigeria.

He said Abbo’s views of all “APC members who do not rise up against the Muslim Muslim join ticket are potential Boko Haram members” is a denigrate statement that should not be taken lightly.

“The implication of Abbo’s statement is simply to mean that both President Muhammadu Buhari, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the party’s national chairman, the party’s Presidential candidate, Senator Bola Tinubu and the fifteen Governors of the party who supported this ticket are all potential Boko Haram members because they have endorsed the ticket and seen its legibility to win the election come 2023.

” This is where he is having an issue, this Man is busy de-marketing the party in our area, given the New Nigerian People’s Party an undue popularity, giving free campaign for Dr Abdullahi Dauda Belel at the expense of our party losing the 2023 Senatorial seat.

“The question is this who is Senator Abbo in APC to respectfully call this party men Boko Haram members? This is the same person holding the party’s ticket and is busy captivating and attacking all prominent party men in the name of fighting for Christian religion.

“I’m calling for a rescue mission to our party and the only way to do it is to sanction Abbo by sending him out of the party, then the party will have peace and be focused in winning the election not losing it, else we are in for a big lose.” Haruna said

The party stakeholder in Adamawa North is worried that the anti party activities of Senator Abbo are worrisome to the extent of affecting the political arithmetic of the zone and the chances of APC winning the election.

He revealed that the electorates in the area are already having the feelings of not having a candidate in APC and they rather go for NNPP to make their voice count by stopping Abbo from winning the election.

“I want to authoritatively tell you that Mubi is the strong hold of APC but with what Abbo is doing chunk of the votes will be deflected in favor of parties whose logos are hardly known in the state.

“APC will be virtually left with nothing because Cliff has discredited himself and is at the verge of killing the party if something urgent is not done.

The annoying part of the whole issue no body in APC is saying anything, are sitting down mute watching how the party is going to lose the election, allowing unpopular party win the election in the platter of gold.

” This is a zone control and owned by APC, a zone in search of a credible candid. Right from the onset, one of the reasons why Dr Belel is out for the seat is because there is no anyone good thereby having the ticket by APC.

“The party is therefore has to call Senator Abbo into order or seize his membership card of the party. If he is not going with the party’s collective agenda, and interest there is no way for the party leaders to allow anti-party to continue to thrived, it will do more harm than good.

” His behaviors are bad, going unchecked at the detriment of the party. The parents-party should withdraw his membership due to his unrepentant anti party activities because the party is at liberty to do that.” Rilwan added

Dr. Aishatu  profer solutions for Kidnapping, Rape victims as WHO estimates 50million Nigerians with mental challenges

Dr. Aishatu  profer solution for Kidnapping, Rape victims as WHO estimates 50million Nigerians with mental challenges
Dr. Aishatu Yusha’u Armiya’u
Following the perennial challenges of Kidnapping and rape of Nigerians especially women, Dr. Aishatu Yusha’u Armiya’u has pointed that victims  need specialized physical and rehabilitation to reintegrate into their communities and to overcome stigma.
Speaking during the weekend with newsmen in Kaduna, Dr. Aishatu Yusha’u Armiya’u an associate Professor of Psychiatry stated that “ victims suffer stigma and problems of reintegration. It is known that not all victims of kidnapping suffer mental health problems but those who did have long-term problems.  Whether or not there is mental health consequences, victims need specialized physical and psychological rehabilitation to reintegrate into their communities and to overcome stigma.”
Prof. Aishatu Yusha’u
She say World Health Organization (WHO)  estimates has put Nigerians with mental health challenges at 50million.
According to WHO “for an estimated population of at least 200 million, one in four Nigerians, an average of 50 million people, suffers from mental health challenges. This is the situation amidst negative trends in kidnapping, rising internally displaced refugees and a background of a weak mental health system, outdated mental health legislation, lack of implementation of mental health policy, rising brain drain of mental health experts and poor social welfare system. In sum, given these indicators the global ranking is poor and we need to put all hands on the deck.”
Dr. Aishatu Yusha’u opined that mental health is not yet a priority area for development partners in Nigeria. “Thus, we cannot be talking about impact yet. What we need in my considered opinion is coordinated efforts from the international community and development partners (i.e. bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, NGO’s, foundations and pharmaceutical companies) to increasing advocacy, different levels of services and care for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health conditions in our country.”
Speaking on the place of traditional and herbal medicine in mental health care, Armiya’u admitted that religious beliefs and spirituality have been known as important in psychiatric practice.
She say “religious practice and healing have been closely associated, and healing has often been performed by priests. However, with advances in scientific knowledge, the role of healing has now largely been in the purview of orthodox doctors. Nonetheless, priests or traditional healers are still consulted first in many of our communities.Family and cultural beliefs often determine illness behavior and the health-seeking tendency of the patient”
Aishatu Yusha’u Armiya’u
She maintained that “one cannot say traditional methods do not have a place. However, there is need to be a level of standardization and quality assurance to uphold ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice.We need to work collaboratively with academics in traditional medicine and other relevant disciplines to develop structured culturally relative etic and emic programs to tackle our local and national mental health problems”

How Nigeria’s Govt and Boko Haram terrorists sharing same Headquarters- SDP Presidential flagbearer


Nigeria Govt and Boko Haram terrorists sharing same Headquarters- SDP Presidential flagbearer

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Prince Adewole Adebayo has suggested that the fight against terrorism in Nigeria is between the military and the government itself.

Prince Adebayo stated this while featuring on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’ on Wednesday, noted that the government and the Boko Haram terrorists share the same headquarters.

The presidential hopeful said that the fight against Boko Haram might not end soon because people in government were beneficiaries and were cashing out from insecurity in the country.


Adewole pointed out that it was easier to fight and defeat Boko Haram than to defeat those who are profiting from insecurity, adding that the government had allowed itself to be wrapped around by those people.

“You have to ensure that people who are serving in your government – people who are in uniform and those who are not in uniform – do not become partakers in the business of insecurity.

“Because insecurity can become a war industry because people are making money from these cases of insecurity.

“In Nigeria unfortunately, it has become clear that the more insecurity that you have, the more likely that those who are in charge of it will have money and if you don’t manage that well, it becomes a reason for insecurity to fester.

“In fact, I have said it many times, a lot of people in the government are making a lot of money from the insecurity and also cooperating with the people who are causing insecurity so that the situation will extend.

“It happens all the time…I can tell you sincerely speaking that it’s easier to defeat Boko Haram than to defeat those who are profiting from insecurity because the government has allowed itself to be wrapped around by these people.

“I can tell you that the headquarter of Boko haram is the headquarter of the government. There has been an interception.

“You see, the Nigerian armed forces, if you look at the formations and everything, the Nigerian armed forces will not need more than fifteen weeks to wipe out the terrorists. The Nigerian army is very strong and there is force around us.

“Relative to other geographical and strategic settings, the Nigerian army is very strong. They’re in an environment where there are no major threats to them. They can deploy very well and the officers are extremely well trained.

“At first when I looked at Boko Haram, I thought they were very strong and entrenched that they cannot be defeated but when I saw the situation more, I discovered it’s not the case.

“In fact, on a ratio of one to hundred, it looks like the Nigerian government has 95 percent of the power and Boko Haram has like five percent. So, the military can fight terrorists.

“The military can defeat bandits but the military cannot defeat the government. So the government has to make up its mind that it wants to end terrorist.”

Youths forms 70 percent of recent voter registration exercise-NW-APC Organising Secretary


Northwest zonal organizing Secretary of the ruling All Progressive Congress, (APC), Salisu Uba Tsafe has disclosed that youths constitute about 70 percent of Nigerians’ population that have registered in the just concluded voters’ registration exercise.

The zonal organizing secretary made the disclosure during an interview with newsmen in Kaduna.

He explained that the Leadership of the party in the zone is not relenting especially in the area of mobilizing youths and women ahead of the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Tsafe however admitted that, though it is not time for campaign, but the party is strategizing on how to mobilize and sensitize Nigerians across board to vote the APC at all levels.

In its effort to sustain power in the next elections, Tsafe mentioned that the party is already working on some of the challenges confronting the party, adding that any identified challenge will be addressed before the commencement of the campaign.

On youths participation in the forthcoming elections, the Zonal Organizing Secretary encouraged the youths to be more objective in their thinking and also give all the required support to the party.

“We are also appealing to all stakeholders to wake up to their responsibilities especially because the Northwest has the highest number of eligible voters which the youths constitute the highest part.” Tsafe stressed.

Over 23,000 PDP supporters in Adamawa set to leave for Labor Party, Fintiri Ambassadors coordinator says


Over 23,000 PDP supporters in Adamawa set to leave for Labor Party, Fintiri Ambassadors coordinator says

By Tom Garba, Yola

State Coordinator for Fintiri Ambassadors, Mohammed Tijjani Raji said over twenty-three thousand members of the group have concluded all plans to leave the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for Labour Party in Adamawa state.

Raji revealed this today in Yola, regretting the unrelenting support they have been given to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri but nothing to show for it.

According to him, the Fintiri Ambassador is a group that was initially formed to propagate, create awareness of what the Governor is doing in the state, and campaign for him in his bid to come back as a governor again in 2023.

He stated that this will not be feasible for the Governor because he failed many party loyalists and stalwarts who have paved the way for him to be the governor.

He revealed that the group has rigorously worked for him in 2019 with all assurances of helping them and being part of those that will benefit from the government, but no single promises made to them by Governor Fintiri come to pass.

Tijjani in an interview with this medium alongside the group’s Public Relations officer, Mohamm Bello Yarima, and the organizing Secretary of the group, Mohammed Adams said there are at least one thousand five hundred members in all the 21 local government areas.

However, said that there are die-hard PDP members who may not join in the mass Exodus but on a plus or minus basis, over twenty-three thousand members will soon announce their loyalty to LP, to them is a party to beat come 2023.

Mohammed said their decision to join LP is after intense research and analysis of the present political situation of the state, they discovered that Labour Party is the winning party in the coming 2023 governorship elections.

He said the party (Labour) has gained momentum and acceptance as a result of the Governorship candidate they are having in the person of Mallam Mustapha Umar Madawaki (Otumba)

According to him the Gubernatorial flag bearer of the party the person of Otumba is the most qualified among those aspiring to be the next Governor of Adamawa state.

He worried that over the years they supported the election of Fintiri and used their hard-earned money and resources but he turned his back against them the moment he won the election.

While praising the LP gubernatorial candidate, Raji said he is a Man of his words at all times. One can take by his words to the market, if he says a thing he lives by it to fulfill it.

“We decided to join Labour Party because of the person involve, he is an intellectual that Adamawa will be glad to have. He is a knowledge-based, erudite with leadership skills that can Liberate our state.

” We’ve lost it out and lost confidence in the present administration under Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, God knows we diligently supported him and he promised us heaven and earth when we form the government, but as I’m talking to you nothing good has happened. No single or iota of help he has remembered us with.

“We the Fintiri Ambassadors are now dumping PDP, we will be migrating our loyalty to Otumba and the Labour Party.

” We will double what we were doing for Fintiri for Otumba in manyfold ways, we are tired of being subservient to a Man that does not cherish our loyalty and support.

“Despite our loyalty to him for many years, none of us can boast of anything tangible, we served him and nothing in return we are paid for. This is one of the many reasons we are leaving him, the PDP for Labor Party.” Raji said

Raji confirmed that the Labour party officials in the state are preparing to receive them as bonafide party members at a later scheduled date at a sooner possible time.

Daily times sought the reaction of the organizing secretary of PDP, Alhaji Hamza Madagali and he responded that the Fintiri Ambassador is a none existence group.

According to him if they are their importance and impact should have known in the Fintiri’s government of fresh air that everyone is a part too.

He said Governor Ahmadu is another breed of talent, a political wizard that his reelection bid has secured with the true mandate of the Adamawa people who believe in his excellent performance in the state.

Madagali said even the blind can testify that Ahmadu has worked well, the dump and deaf can wabble and wave their hands of thumping up for the Governor who is going higher than the imagination of critics.

“The election of 2023 is a matter of performance and none performance, it’s not a gimmick or propaganda. It’s a display of a scorecard of what one has done. Thanks to Almighty God, PDP under Governor Fintiri have placed Adamawa state on the threshold of development. It’s not noise, it’s about delivering the mandate of the people. I think Fintiri has done that.” Hamza said

He however refuted the existence of 23 thousand of members who will be leaving PDP for LP.

Doubting the claims of what he said so-called Fintiri Ambassador, Hamza narrated that as a party man who knows how the membership strength of the party asserted that that group is a bunch of liars who will only want to defraud prone politicians like Otumba

Africa Prime News Managing Editor Loses Wife


Africa Prime News Managing Editor Loses Wife


The death has occurred in Kaduna, northwest Nigeria of Mrs. Janet Iye Edegbo, wife of the Managing Editor, AFRICA PRIME NEWS, Mr. Joseph Edegbo.

Aged 70 years, Late Janet died of a brief illness on Sunday 31st July 2022.

The deceased is survived by her husband, Nine children, 6 males and 3 females, as well as fourteen grandchildren.

Among the children, are Arc Bobby Enoch Edegbo, Arc Steve Achile Edegbo; Arc Michael Ayegba Edegbo; and Engr Rogers Edegbo.

Others are, Mr Phillip Aduku Edegbo; Mr Emmanuel Edegbo; Mrs. Joy Achenyo Edegbo Amedu; Mrs Roseline Ejura Edegbo Haruna; and Mrs Josephine Ojonugwa Edegbo Abutu.

Meanwhile, the burial program of the deceased has been released.

According to the family, there will be Christian Wake at the Christian Evangelical Fellowship of Nigeria, CEFN, Kakuri, Kaduna on Wednesday.

The corpse leaves Kaduna on Thursday for her home town, Iyale in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, north central Nigeria, while the burial takes place on Friday 12th August at Obaje compound after funeral service.

Hamisu Idris celebrates Dr Lydia, the newly appointed Federal perm sec from Adamawa


Hamisu Idris celebrates Dr Lydia, the newly appointed Federal perm sec from Adamawa

By Tom Garba,Yola

Adamawa Born Philanthropist, Hamisu Idris Medugu has congratulated Mrs Lydia Shehu Jafiya. Mni, FCNA, ACA, PhD who is today sworn in as the newly federal permanent secretary from Adamawa State.

Dr Lydia who held from Gulak, Madagali Local Government Area of the state Hamisu is another pride of the state.

Mrs Jafiya took an oath of office today before cheering members of her family, friends and well wishers Medugu described the event as another glory of Madagali has come.

“I say a big congratulations to one of the heroines of our land, Mrs Jafiya has done proud by being a celebrated senior civil servant and a cum laude administration skills.

” We celebrate you our Mother, Sister for adding up glory to our dear community of Gulak in Madagali and the state at large.’ Idris said

Read the brief Profile of Mrs Lydia:
Lydia Shehu Jafiya was born on 30th July 1967 in Gulak, Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State to Late Pastor Dzugwahi Haliru and Mama Sidayu Milgawa. Her elementary education started at Central Primary School Gulak between 1974 and 1980. She attended Federal Government College, Jos, and obtained the West African School Certificate in 1985. She then proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, graduating with a degree in Business Administration (Banking and Finance) in 1989. She crowned this up with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1994, from the same university. Her National Service was in 1990 with Afribank Plc, Abuja.

Lydia joined the Federal Civil Service as Finance officer II on 12th December 1990 at the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. As a pool staff under the Office of Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF), she has served in various capacities. Among her prominent postings were Assistant Director, Accounts, The Presidency (OSSAP-MDGs); Deputy Director, Budget, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Director, Finance and Accounts, Pensions Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD).

Mrs. Jafiya is an alumnus of the prestigious National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru, having attended the Senior Executive Course (SEC) 43 in 2021. She is an associate of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN); a Fellow of Certified National Accountants of Nigeria (FCNA); Member, of the National Institute (mni), among others. She has attended several courses, both locally and internationally. Lydia is married with Children. She finds pleasure in reading, traveling, listening to the radio, and mentoring young people.

Food Security: Philanthropist back Gov. Matawalle’s self defense strategy, says  farmers need protection to produce food


Food Security: Philanthropist back Gov. Matawalle’s self defense strategy, says  farmers need protection to produce food

As Nigeria’s insecurity hit harder on Nigerians, the need to secure agrarian areas for food production is vital, especially as farmers need siren environment for farming, this was one of the concerns of St. Kamven Enoch Nannim an elder stateman cum Philanthropist.
In an exclusive interview with New Nigerian in his Kaduna office today, St. Kamven commended the Zamfara state Government for taking such a bold step stressing that food production is already  threatened as the security argents have failed in their role of defending the territory.
On starvation in some  IDP camps, St.Kamven charged Internally Displaced Persons not to wait for manner but always engaged in little hand works around Communities to sustain a living.
On Education, the Philanthropist bemoans the high rate of out of school children in Communities hit by insecurity and in IDP camps.
According to him, all children deserves education so that Nigeria’s future will not be misplaced.
He said no one is too poor to give out whether knowledge or material things.” I don’t have plenty money but plenty hearts. You do not need a certificate to teach, the IDPs needs health, education, water and food” He added.
Recall that in 2019 St. Kamven Enoch Nannim won an awarded of Excellence from Nigerian Union of Journalists New Nigerian Newspapers Chapel.

2023: APC Boasts Of Victory In Northwest


2023: APC Boasts Of Victory In Northwest

The Northwest Leadership of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), has said no party should expect to win the 2023 election from the zone.

The Northwest National Vice Chairman, Salihu Lukman gave the assurance while addressing newsmen in Kaduna on Thursday.

According to him, “we have been working tirelessly to ensure victory for our party in the next election. No party should expect to win the 2023 election from the Northwest zone just because they feel they can win.”

“To achieve this, we have been working towards building a stronger relationship with the leadership of each state.”

On reconciliation, the Northwest Vice Chairman said the committee saddled with the responsibility has recorded a tremendous record and they will approach the election as a unified body.

“The party is happy to have received many people who decamped from other political parties to ours. Politics is about negotiation and our doors are open anytime to receive new members,” Lukman emphasized.

2023: How APC will loss Kaduna Gubernatorial Elections-Sen.Hunkuyi


2023: How APC will loss Kaduna Gubernatorial Elections

Ahead of 2023 general elections next year, Kaduna State governorship candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi has lambasted the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Nigeria and Kaduna in particular stressing that they have lost the Elections already given the magnitude of failure in it’s system.

Hunkuyi pointed that the Muslim-Muslim presidential and governorship ticket in Kaduna State is a sure way for APC to lose the general election.

Speaking with newsmen in Kaduna yesterday, the representative of Kaduna North Senatorial District in the 8th National Assembly maintained that the people’s goodwill and trust will guarantee himself and other candidates on his party victory in the 2023 general elections.

According to Hunkuyi, “structures assist in winning Elections, but structures alone can’t win Elections, but good will does, the people’s Goodwill can guarantee victory for any party any day and 2023 Elections will be a competition of good will”

On the same faith ticket, he said,” For me, I recognise the cosmopolitan nature of Nigeria and Kaduna State. So I won’t do that. In anycase, I want APC to loose election and the Muslim-Muslim ticket is the sure way to loose election, and this Religious fanatism will not sail through in 2023 ”

On insecurity, Senator Hunkuyi bemoans the poor strategizes of the Government.

According to him, “security is community base, they removed Community leaders, District heads who have before now have an eye on the problem and guarantee local intelligence, if I am a Governor, I won’t handover security to a commissioner, the responsibility of the Government is to secure the people and the territory. One of the best option in this situation is to stop the budget and prioritize security, through community policing, we are applying the right things wrongly,”