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Adebayo Meets CAN, Restates Commitment To Freedom Of Worship

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Adebayo Meets CAN, Restates Commitment To Freedom Of Worship, Inculcation Of Patriotism In Nigerians

Social Democratic Party (SDP) presidential candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo has said that his party will work to get Nigerians to be more patriotic and allow everyone to worship their God peacefully.

Prince Adebayo stated this during an interactive session with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Abuja on Tuesday 22 November 2023.

He said the interaction between the state and the church requires more respect and understanding, adding that the CAN charter has been captured by the Social Democratic Party manifesto, insisting that he will implement it if he emerged president in next year’s election.

“So, we believe in moving the country forward. The problems still fall back on the leadership of the country.

“The quality of human beings that have been leading the country is just like what happened to the children of Israel who said they can now have their leader and God gave them Soul.

“So, to solve our problem, the leaders must be truthful and just. In this country, truth is an offence. If a leader is truthful, nobody will remember his religion or party.

“The church is to participate in politics. But don’t do it the way the politicians do it. Teach us the good way to do politics,” Adebayo said, adding that he will address poverty.

“I know that people are hungry, so they go to church. When they are seeking solutions to their problems, they go to Church. So religious organisations must be empowered to take care of the people. We will unite this country and do justice to everyone, “Adebayo added.

Also speaking, the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Archbishop Daniel Okoh, said the idea was to review the Nigerian development because the association wants the progress of the country but will not endorse any candidate.

Okoh said the country is submerged in chaos ranging from insecurity adding that the CAN document to the presidential candidates is to help them review the crisis and address it.

“Yes, Christians must get involved in politics because it is biblical. Christians should not leave politics in the hands of people that are not supposed to be there. And leaders must consider righteousness in all they do.

“Part of what we are doing today is to ensure that righteousness is entrenched in the polity. CAN remains non-partisan,” Okoh said, “we will not endorse any candidate.”

“That is why we invited 18 of you to come so that as we are looking at you, we will know whether you are telling us the truth because we have the spirit of God in us.

“Nigerians have heard you, their decision will come up on the day of the election. CAN has taken a number of stands on political issues in the country. It took us a long time to arrive at these decisions. Whatever you see or hear, it is important you verify.

“We have not changed our earlier position. At the same time, the Church is not in any enmity with any political party. The church is founded in love. But our position and understanding of the entire process will help us, ” Okoh added.

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