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Badaru is competent enough to head Defense Ministry – Group declares

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*Badaru is competent enough to head Defense Ministry – Group declares*


A Socio-political group, Arewa New Agenda(ANA), has reiterated its dedication to support the newly appointed Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar.

The chairman of the group, Sen. Ahmad Abubakar MoAllahyidi, conveyed this in a press briefing with journalists in Abuja, on Thursday.

ANA envisions a Nigeria where the north thrives, possesses vibrancy, and assumes responsibility for its destiny.

As ministers embark on their governance challenges, ANA expressed dismay at the unjust criticisms some have faced, cloaked in religious and ethnic disguises, even before they’ve settled into their roles.

MoAllahyidi said: “H.E. Mohammed Abubakar Badaru, the newly appointed Minister of Defense, was singled out for such unjustified attacks”.

“Badaru’s eight-year tenure as Jigawa State’s Governor was an exemplary record of ensuring safety, peace, and coexistence despite the state’s geographical vulnerabilities”.

“Despite being a state neighboring insecure countries and states, jigawa is on of the few states in the north that has never had the insuring issue”

“The association found it fitting for him to lead the Ministry of Defense, given his history of safeguarding territorial integrity”.

“Badaru’s successful track record in both public and private spheres underscores his competence for this role”.

ANA emphasized the cultural and traditional imperative of supporting and respecting leadership, dismissing any calls for Badaru’s dismissal as premature and unfounded.

Meanwhile, MoAllahyidi said: “ANA is resolute in its pledge to foster social harmony and peaceful coexistence as Nigeria continues its journey toward national improvement”

“Undoubtedly, Nigeria is grappling with some of its most trying times in the path to nationhood. The demand for forward-thinking ministers capable of harnessing both human and material resources to enhance the lives of citizens has never been more critical”.

“While this is a nationwide need, the north, for undeniable reasons, requires these ministers even more”.

“ANA places great significance on how the forthcoming presidency of Tinubu addresses the twin challenges of insecurity and economic instability”.

“However, it’s vital to acknowledge that these concerns aren’t the only ones afflicting the nation”.

ANA congratulated the 45 recently sworn-in ministers and urged them to strive for distinctiveness. This appointment presents a fresh opportunity to drive socio-economic progress, and the association condemned any lavish displays of office privileges amid the country’s economic struggles.

However, ANA called to ministers from the northern region to work diligently for the betterment of both the north and Nigeria as a whole.

The association emphasized the need to prioritize the collective vision over personal interests, echoing the overarching goals set forth by the President.

ANA stressed the importance of ministers engaging with the people to comprehend their aspirations and incorporate these into President Tinubu’s government agenda.

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