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Easter: Bishop Ndagoso task Nigeria’s Judiciary on 2023 elections tribunal, slams DSS on Interim Govt.

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Easter: Bishop Ndagoso task Nigeria’s Judiciary on 2023 elections tribunal, slams DSS on Interim Govt.

Following mixed reactions that trailed the 2023 General elections, the Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, Arch Bishop Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso has  called on Nigerian Judiciary to fear God and do the right thing.
Speaking on Saturday in his Easter Message, the Arch Bshop maintained that “Democracy is a process, the judiciary is part of the Democratic process. The Judiciary should play their roles and let it be clear, people are already clamoring for live broadcast of tribunal cases. Its all about transparency we can not build on false reconciliation. Also, we cannot lose hope, when you lose hope you are simply telling God he is  incapable of handling your matter.
He said “true reconciliation comes with Justice, the  Sacrement of the beginning is to accept your sins before God and open up then you are healed. I would like to commend the purported losers  for keeping calm and going to court, The issue of interim Government, is baseless, interim govt for what? if you talk about unity or inclusive Government I will agree with you, what we need is an inclusive Government. The principle of winner takes all in our democracy should be discouraged for the sake of unity, the appointments should reflect our differences. It is unfortunate, that DSS are telling us that people are plotting interim Government. We should be hearing that these are the people planning interim government and have been arrested. They are  under interrogation or in detention.”
Earlier the Arch Bishop said “there is no doubt that many Nigerians have lost not only hope but a sense of purpose and direction because of the situation in the country. The assurance is that all is not lost. The risen Lord is able to pull us back from the edge of the precipice that we now stand on and give us a new sense of purpose and direction. As Jesus called Lazarus out from the tomb of darkness into the freedom of light so does he invite us from our dark tomb of political tension, bitterness, anger, hatred, ethnic and religious divisions and separation from one another to a renewed life of grace.”
“The Easter message challenges us to look beyond our present challenges and difficulties and remind us that God always has a way of leading his people through difficult and trying moments. Consequently, the transformation of Jesus from death to life through the resurrection should encourage us in our effort to overcome our present difficulties and challenges. The Resurrection of Jesus assures us that no situation in human life is beyond redemption; that even the worst of situations of suffering and near despair being experienced in our country today are redeemable.
God used angels to rollaway the stone that covered the entrance to Jesus’ tomb. He will in his own good time use his angels to rollaway the seeming insurmountable obstacles that face our country today especially the nagging issues of insecurity, fuel scarcity, cash crunch, high cost of living and unemployment especially among the youth. It is our sincere hope and prayer that the emerging leaders from the last general elections soon to be sworn in will be the angels that God will use to roll away the stone blocking the progress and development of our country.” Ndagoso maintained.
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