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Give APC Another Chance In 2023, Kaduna Political Activist Tells Nigerians

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Give APC Another Chance In 2023, Kaduna Political Activist Tells Nigerians
. . . Urges Citizens To Minimize Voter Apathy
Kaduna based political activist cum public analyst, Dr. Kailani Muhammad, has said that Nigerians should consider returning the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) following its remarkable achievenments in the last seven years.
He said that prior to Buhari’s administration, the citizens had experienced many challenges ranging from Boko-Haram, corruption and maladministration.
Kailani who is also the National Chairman of Network for Election Education, Sensitization and Awareness asserted these during a press conference in Kaduna on Tuesday.
While applauding Buhari’s administration, the political activist further explained the present administrion had successfully mitigated the challenges of Boko-Haram, while also aggresively tackling the twin issues of banditry and kidnapping, particularly in the north western states.
” There is no doubt, the country had its rough times and challenges, but yet, significant successes have been recorded in the areas of security, economic and infrastructural developments and other sectors of societal development.
” It is our ardent hope that Nigeria will witness once again a very peaceful election that will usher in the next set of leadership that will carry on with the good work started by the APC administration,” the public analyst emphasized.
Kailani however, explained that his group is ready to sensitize the public and educate them about the importance of their votes, while saying that citizens must ensure that all votes count and minimize instances of voter apathy.
” We are aware that electing good leaders who are patriotic enough to advance the successes already recorded by the APC administration cannot be achieved when the electorates are ignorant of the tasks ahead of them, hence, we take it as a duty to mobilise and sensitize Nigerians towards understanding their rights as citizens.
” The Network is desirous to see a robust campaign that is based on issues and not about personalities or character assassination,” Kailani explained.
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