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Hon Jafaar the beam and the growing horse of Adamawa North APC

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Hon Jafaar the beam and the growing horse of Adamawa North APC

It has already been seen that Adamawa All Progressives Congress (APC) is surviving and standing strong in the Northern Senatorial District because people like Hon Jafaar Magaji Haske is holding strong the hope of the party.

The Young Lawmaker representing the people of Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha in the national Assembly green chambers have seen hope in him. They believe Haske is a child of necessity that will bring success in APC way come 2023 if the party in Adamawa will tour along thought of reasoning.

He is holding safe the board of the party from capsizing right from Local Government Congresses up to state level convention to the stage of producing flags bearers of the party at all levels.

The performance of Jafaar as a national lawmaker is without measure and without mincing words that he worked the work for humanity. He remains a beacon of pride to the entire people of Adamawa northern zone to this end. He is a hope and a beam of defense of the APC Party in the state.

But It is however worrisome to know and realize that the feats, records, and indelible legislative services he rendering to the nation and by extension the people of Adamawa Northern zone are not being appreciated by some party members.

Their efforts in making sure the challenge him in the court of over his victory in the last party’s primaries, is to be seen as an act of unleashed wickedness against the people of Mubi North, Mubi North and Maiha who are happy with the representation of Magaji.

The last Congress was purely decided by delegates and the entire people of the area who warned the delegates to follow their bidding in voting in Jafaar. Magaji is a star Representative member.He has passed many bills, some have been translated to laws, and his motions and contributions on the floor of the house are today being used as the pillars that are contributing to the development of the Nation.

Jafar is a growing horse of glory to the APC family. He has achieved a lot in many areas that today are being described as the work of hero from the land of beauty (Adamawa). A leader par excellence, he is a party man and a grassroots Mobilizer whose local politics has distinguished him as a Man with exceptional leadership qualities and decked with a passion to serve humanity.

Magaji’s notable and unique style of leadership is his salient ways of touching the lives of hundreds of people in manifolds. He empowered women and Youth in thousands, he secured job opportunities for hundreds of many others. He is a celebrity to date who has endeared himself in the heart of his people.

Anybody wishing him out as a winner through whatever means, court injunction or personal attacks is wasting his or her time because it’s time for him to shine and serve humanity and the people are with him, backing him to continue the good work.

A Man with these shining records whose Adamawa communities are seeing him as an idol of good stewardship, a Man with unforgettable records of achievements if APC will trade him way in Adamawa state, then the party should forget to exist in Northern zone.

Haske has immensely paid his dues for the party. He served the party diligently and well as a founding member, he knows well, how the system operates and how to attract better things for the people because he understands the value change in the party’s system.

I’m calling on the APC at the National level not to gamble with the ticket by allowing people who do not have the political muscles and wherewithal to take over through kangaroos means because of their primordial and personal interest. Experience count, they say. Haske is a thorough-based politician whose knowledge is to bring winning to the threshold of the APC family.

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