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International Peace Day: Security Architecture can’t work well if delegated to a commissioner-Former Governor

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International Peace Day: Security Achictecture can’t be delegated to a commissioner-Former Governor

Immediate past Governor of Kaduna State Dr. Mukhtar Ramalan Yero said for genuine Peace to be sustain crucial policies and stratigies of governance must continue irrespective of Party Politics.

Speaking at the International Day of Peace convened by Reverend Father John Bogobili Allamageni, the former Governor reiterated that “security of a State can not be delegated, in order to sustain peace and security the governor handles security directly. When I was Governor of Kaduna State I was directly involved, I didn’t delegate security to a commissioner, how can you get results? The very aim of Governance is to ensure peace and security, that’s the primary duty.  The delegation of security matters to a commissioner created mixed feelings. The Governor is supposed to deal directly with security agents”

” After the crisis of year 2000, Kaduna has not remain the same, you find Christians predominantly on one end of Kaduna whereas Muslims are predominantly on the other end, Makarfi came up with operation Yaki and a strategy of interfacing directly with Traditional institutions, Namadi Sambo continued with it, Yakowa continue like that and I also took over from there but I don’t know what’s happening now continuity is very instrumental in Peace.” Yero stressed

In his welcome speach, the Chief Convener, Rev. Father John Bogobiri said “we know that good governance is the best and the surest way to peace and development in our land. However, the question is, are we experiencing good governance in Nigeria in general or in Kaduna state in particular despite our political, economic, commerce, financial, educational, religious and other advantages in northern Nigeria and the country at large? We also know that every country or state is guided by an ideal or a philosophy or a vision and a roadmap or a blueprint to actualize that ideal or philosophy or vision. Do we have any in Kaduna State? These are the critical questions we are all here to answer today.”

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