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Jummat Sermon : Imam Of Mahadu Thaqafat Central Mosque Preaches Abstinence As Solution Against Spread Of HIV / AIDS

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Jummat Sermon : Imam Of Mahadu Thaqafat Central Mosque Preaches Abstinence As Solution Against Spread Of HIV / AIDS

Chief Imam Of Mahadu Thaqafat Central Mosque , Kakuri , Shaikh Khalifah Yunus Ahmad Tijjani has enjoined Muslim faithful to abstain from keeping multiple partners to avoid contracting and spreading HIV / AIDS to members of their families .

Shaikh Tijjani while delivering Jummat sermon to a congregation of muslims in the mosque located in the neighborhood of Arewa Textile , Kakuri stressed the need for married couples to be faithful to each other , saying fidelity was the safest way to avoid the spread of the deadly virus .

The Islamic cleric expressed fears at the rate the AIDS causing virus was spreading amongst married couples whom he noted got infected and unknowingly spread it to their spouses at home during intimate sessions .

He said though , some antidotes such as condoms and immune boosting drugs had been manufactured to fight HIV .

The Shaikh however admitted that permanent cure for the virus had not been discovered , an unfortunate situation he noted should be a cause of concern for people to thread softly with the issue of fornication and adultery in order to stay alive .

” Married men and women too must learn to stick to their legally married couples to avoid contracting this deadly virus that has defied all forms of cure and medication due to its severity and danger .

” Ways of getting it are well known to us ; the most common is through having multiple conjugal partners who may have been exposed to the virus from others .

” Untreated hair or nail cutting tools used by more than one persons can as well spread the virus .

” To avoid falling victims we must adhere to safety measures which have been preached regularly to us in public forum and in private encounters as well .

” First of all We must inculcate the conscience of Allah in us and radiate it in all our dealings with our fellow human beings , including our wives at home .

” Allah has urged us to protect our wives by ensuring harms don’t get to them .

” When a married man therefore , goes out of the way to keep multiple intimate partners aside the legitimate ones permitted by Allah , he has contravened the injunction of his Creator by doing what he is forbidden from indulging in .

” We must obey Allah by upholding His injunctions and stay away from unlawful acts to make our society safe , peaceful and conducive for all to live , ” he urged .

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