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Kaduna 2023: Tackling insecurity my main agenda-LP’s Asake

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Kaduna 2023: Tackling insecurity my main agenda-LP’s Asake

The gubernatorial flag bearer of Labour Party in Kaduna State Honorable Jonathan Asake has today fingered insecurity as the major problem of Kaduna State.

Speaking at the Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna State Council’s media parley with Gubernatorial and National Assembly candidates, Asake lamented that ‘I have seen what insecurity have caused. Farm lands have been deserted. If farmers can not go to farms then there will be no food Security.
Farmers not accessing their farm lands is a big issue in National security.
Educational institutions like Green Field University and others have close down.
Investors have all taken their flight out of Kaduna. Residents in Kaduna subhurds have abandoned their houses.”

Asake maintained that ‘the solution is the tracking security technology in cars and machines. Why have our security agencies not been able to deployed this, its because of lack of Government good will. If you fix security you have fixed 60% of our problems.”

‘Security is Central in our agenda and our slogan is secure Kaduna and restore hope. It is our main agenda. Security is so crucial in governance . The primary purpose of governance is to secure lives and property.”

On inclusive in governance, the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate said “inclusive economic development and infrastructural development in terms of application of resources is very key. You can not apply infrastructural development in one side and leave the other side base on tribe or religion.
The youths must also be given opportunity because their empowerment is key.”

‘The youths are always easily recruited by criminal gangs. If you take care of security you cut off the line of recruitment into criminal gangs.

‘In agriculture, if we take into cognisance of ginger in kachia, maize in Lere and tomatoes in Ikara all these will burst our economy and give jobs.

‘Basic education is supposed to be free and subsidised in the tertiary institution.
Education needs to be Subsidized not fees increment by over three hundred percent throwing out undergraduates and breeding future criminals.” He stressed.

He lamented that sacking of teachers and other workers without payment of entitlements is unfair and
sacking of traditional Leaders worsen our security and all these will be readdressed by a Labour Party led government.

On monies donated to Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) Asake explained that “my time was a challenging time, SOKAPU has no subvention but good will. When Governor Wike came to Kaduna he made a donation of 200million,120million was credited to SOKAPU’s account after JNI took it share of 80million and we made procurements and with documents to show. I left over 60million naira in the account as at when I resigned and no Penny was taken by me for this campaign”

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