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The Chairman,  Apostolic Church, Oro field, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, Apostle Dr. Isaac .A. Uye has expressed fear of the secret agenda behind the Muslim/Muslim ticket for presidential election of 2023 adopted by All Progressive Congress (APC) Party Nigeria.

Addressing Journalists after the 1st field Annual Convention of the Church at administrative Headquarters No. 81A, Secretariat Road, Oron, Akwa Ibom State, he said this is not a government but religion and it is not acceptable in any nation of the country.

He said that other religion in the country should be respected for the progress and development of the country, adding that this itself speaks divisions in the country, while it is the duty of country to promote unity and encourage our federal character and this actually is the abuse of power completely.

The Chairman who is also a national Evangelist argued that no religion is superior to another and advised Christians in this country to pray very well and unite together in faith and be able to resist any attempt of bringing them down or any attempt to dominate them.

He maintained that Christians are not the second class citizens in the country and no any other religion is known to be first class citizen of this country, adding that if Christians want to survive in this country, they must come together under one umbrella and stop blaming each other.

He, however, advised and suggested that a leader Nigeria need now must be a young man, mentally sound, and without respect to any religion and corruption free, pointing out that since the inception of this country old men have been leading this country astray that governance should be intrusted to a man who breath Nigeria in his heart and fight corruption and insecurity which are major challenges of the country but not an expired person.

On the issue of insecurity in the country, he said if Nigeria cannot handle the problem, the country will rely on other developed country for help that we are tired of this living on promises as the issue lingers without solution. “That Late President Sani Abacha says “if insurgent last for more than 24 hours, Government is involved”, therefore Government knows the best and knows what to do to stop the problem of the insecurity in the country.

On the economy of the country, the Apostle said the country has professionals who can manage and arrest the situation and that the country cannot survive without managing its own economy and cannot create its own wealth, pointing out offices in this country are always entrusted in the hands of those who lacks expertise knowledge and to solve the economic crises, human and agricultural development should be our state of focus in the country.

To arrest the issue of flood in Nigeria, Government should wake up and do everything possible and compensate the victims accordinly, and that, it is the non-chalant attitude of the government, adding that there will be agent especially the monitoring agent managing the natural disaster
Finally, he said that his advice to Nigerians especially, the “Christians” is that God has dealings with three bodies, the world which are church, Israel and world. Signs are the end of the times that are clearly seen. What is going on in the church today established and confirmed that Jesus Christ is coming soon. Israel is mirror to reflect the end time and the world itself is going to an end. What everybody should do now is to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, and work in newness of life to make Heaven and every one need salvation and repentant to be saved.
He warned that Heaven is reserved for righteous and not sinners and don’t be deceived nobody can make Heaven except through Jesus Christ which is the only way and life. The wicked should forsake their ways and form a new live and be saved

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