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Kukah center to observe world peace day in Kaduna



Kukah center to observe world peace day in Kaduna

The Kukah centre in conjunction with the HJDP, Global Peace Foundation of Nigeria and KAICIID Fellows will be organizing a one day round table discussion in commemoration of the 2022 International world day of peace in Kaduna.

The event which is expected to hold in September 21st in Kaduna will draw participants from among religious leaders and civil society organisations.

This was disclosed in a statement jointly signed by the Provincial Administrative Secretary, HJDP, Onuh Ladi Sixtus and the Programme Officer, Kukah centre, Methodius Karfe, and made available to newsmen in Kaduna.

According to the statement, other stakeholders who are expected to be in attendance at the round table discussion include the media, security agencies and government representatives, amongst others.

It read that the aim of the event is to bring an end to racism and promote peaceful coexistence among communities in Kaduna state.

“To achieving true peace entails much more than laying down arms. It requires the building of societies where all members feel that they can flourish and can feel a sense of inclusivity. It involves creating a world in which people are treated fairly, regardless of their race, creed, gender or religious and political affiliations.”

On the day of the event, a lead paper will be presented by Fr. Atta Bakindo, PhD on the topic; Justice as a Precondition for Peace in the Society.

Accountability: Taraba govt decry poor execution zonal intervention projects in the state.


Accountability: Taraba govt decry poor execution zonal intervention projects in the state.


Taraba state government on Monday decried that federal government projects allocated to the state were neither poorly executed and claimed by some persons as personal projects or not implemented at all.

Hon. Solomon Elisha, the state Commissioner for Budget and economic planning made the allegation while briefing journalists in his office in Jalingo.

The Commissioner claimed that reports available to his Ministry from the federal government interventions in the State since 2020, indicate that some executing agencies (MDAs) used in implementing the National Budget in Taraba State as its customary for zonal intervention projects (ZIP) and consolidated capital projects from the economic recovery and growth plan (ERGP) under president Muhammedu Buhari’s administration have so far been observed with dismay.

According to him, it was observed that some executing agencies have been used over the years for the execution and implementation of Federal Government constituency projects in Taraba State for certain senatorial districts and federal constituencies, not withstanding their previous budget performance as it were poorly executed, unspecified, abandoned or even non-existent.

“The purpose of freedom of information act 2011 of the 1999 constitution as amended was to empower citizens to take ownership of government projects in their constituency, engage their elected representatives and demand accountability and transparency so that public funds will work for public good.

In the 2020 Federal Government budget, a budget line item with the title “Radio Station for the University, Taraba South Senatorial District, Taraba State with the unique excel code (2020ZIPO257) was captured under the Federal Ministry of Education and Federal University of Wukari as the executing agency for the sum N40,000,000 with an unspecified status, is yet to be seen completed.

“Since the 2020 Federal Government constituency projects budget performance was pegged at about 98% in terms of disbursement to MDA, it has also been observed that certain zonal intervention projects and consolidated capital projects are seen by many Tarabans as individual projects rather than Federal Government constituency projects that they truly are.

“The conceptualization of government project interventions as individual efforts becomes worrisome because the players are our supposed representatives who have cornered our sovereign wealth to become theirs. The big question agitating our minds is that the little space given them at the constituency level has been mortgaged. How can we now or in the future aggregate our collective mandate for such representative to lead us or provide leadership at the State level?

“Other worrisome issues include, votes of some Federal Agencies which were claimed to be implemented in the State. These project titles have no coloration at all with the Agencies. Though, beneficial to the State as claimed but are monumental frauds”. The Commissioner alleged.

Hon Elisha also justify his claim with the following as some of such fraudulent projects in the state.



AMOUNT(N): 125,000,000. Implementing AGENCY: Federal College of Horticulture Dadin kowa Gombe. Supply of sewing machines at Taraba Central Senatorial District for employment of women and youths.

The Grants to assist youth/Widows: Youths/widows in Entrepreneurship to cushion the effect of COVID 19 in Wukari/lbi Federal Constituency Taraba State, with a code No, 2021ZIP1019 and National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies as implementing agency.

The construction of community town hall in Mararaba Donga, Donga LGA Taraba South Senatorial District, Taraba State.

The Industrial Arbitration with a code No. 2021ZIP1008: Purchase of three (18 seater Toyota) buses for Taraba South Senatorial District, Taraba State for peace advocacy.

The rehabilitation works at the traditional council secretaria

IFAD trains women on garri processing in Taraba


IFAD trains women on garri processing in Taraba

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)’s  Value Chain Development (VCDP) through FOJIBAJEN Women  Cassava  Processor on Wednesday trained Cassava women farmers on Garri processing in Wukari.

Mr Irimiya Musa, the State Program Coordinator (SPC) noted at the event in Wukari that the farmers were from VCDP additional financing, drown from three local government areas of Jalingo, Bali and Donga to undergo the study

Represented by Mrs Altine James, the Ruler institution, Gender and mainstreaming Officer  of VCDP in the state, Musa said programme which was a partnership by FG/IFAD and Taraba Government was  passionate about the training due to its life changing value.

The SPC  charged the trainees to ensure that the  knowledge gained  from the training was put to practice for more value development and improve glory for VCDP.

Musa advised them to always consider location, knowledge information, advertisement through physical contact and Media publications like Facebook and other media channels while practicing their business.

“The Cassava women farmers we are training today for garri processing are VCDP additional financing that are drown from three local government areas of Jalingo, Bali and Donga.

“The VCDP is passionate about the initiative due to its life changing value that would be generated after.

“We want you the trainees to take the training serious, we want you to always consider location, knowledge information, advertisement through physical contact and Media publications like Facebook and other media channels while practicing your business

“You must all have interest, passion and human relations and mentain quality to actualize your business dreams,” he said.

Mr Ezekiel  Ambo, the Agricultural Processing and Quality Enhancement Officer of VCDP in the state told the trainees that after a thorough research, the programme  discovered TME 419 Casava specie had  the best for more value and advised the trainees to shop for it for greater gain.

He also encouraged them to ensure proper hygiene and ensure NAFDAC registration when practicing their businesses to avoid Societal health implications.

In her remake, the founder of FOJIBAJEN Women Cassava  Processor noted that  Vitamin A Mrs  Watsaji Angye commended Taraba VCDP for its passion for  changing the lives of cassava women farmers in the state.

She noted  that  VCDP had brought her dreams to reality and pledged to always maintain the quality of her business for more value as require by the programme.

Angye also disclosed that through the assistance  of VCDP, her company has so far employed over 30 ad-hoc staff for daily activities.

In their comments, the team leader for Bali local government, Dorothy Peter, Mr David  Maigida for Donga and mrs Deborah Wilson for Jalingo both expressed willing to ensure that the training was put to practice and so as to grow their garri businesses to enhance food security.

2023: Adamawa embattled APC Chairman makes shocking revelations on why he is being hunted

  • 2023: Adamawa embattled APC Chairman makes shocking revelations of why is being hunted

…..I’m still remain a bonafide APC member and Chairman of the Adamawa chapter of the party, I can’t leave the party now for PDP

By Tom Garba, Yola

Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal, Adamawa State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) made shocking revelations giving the path fingers to those making efforts to ruin the party in the state.

Ibrahim in a press statement distanced himself from what is befallen the party but accused other party members for taking the aftermath of gubernatorial primaries to use him as scapegoat in order to settle scores.

He said the sponsored malicious report published by Sahara reporters against him by his political enemies are some of their plans to caged him from telling the truth in a later date.

According to him remains the party’s bonafide member and Chairman because his suspension was not legally followed.

“It is therefore needs restating, as alluded in my initial response to the circus of my alleged impeachment, that I still remain APC Chairman Adamawa State chapter and a bonafide member of the APC who still cherish his membership of our great party the APC. I can’t leave the party now, not even for the discredited People’s Democratic Party, in the state nor any other political party. My feet are firmly rooted in the APC, and no amount of vitriolic attack targeted at me and other dutiful and loyal members of my Exco, who have suffered the trauma of our aborted impeachment, can overcome our steadfast resolve to see the party blossom by meeting the yearnings of teeming party members in the state to take over Dougirei government house come next year general elections.” Ibrahim said

He said that the story of his defection to PDP was orchestrated by people who don’t really know him well, and his political principles using the Sahara reporters as a medium known for hate speech to published the fake story

“My attention has been drawn to an incredible report in Sahara Reporters, that I have since resigned my membership of the All Progressive Congress and joined the opposition People’s Democratic Party, nothing can be more malicious and vexatious, than such a misleading report.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I Ibrahim Bilal, still remains first and foremost an abiding APC member and chairman of the Adamawa State chapter of our great party. It is puerile to even conceive I could leave the party, I helped laboured to build at this material time.” Bilal said

He continued to say that:

“Just a cursory background check on the current muck raking, by a few elements within the party on a futile mission to foment crisis within our party, in furtherance of the premeditated agenda of their political paymasters, would clearly reveal the root cause of the current crisis.

” I am a man caught in the web of high stake politics, and those bent on getting Bilal, out of the way, would rather hang on him, a bad name so they could hang him.

“As, it has been reported much of the antagonism against me has come as a result of the fallout of our party’s governorship primaries, the truth, is those, who feel I remain a threat to their life time ambition of governing the state, against the popular will of our party men and women, feel Bilal, should be made the scapegoat for reasons of expediency. Such unconscionable actions, against a mere mortal, on whom some would like to hang their fate, can only breed strife and division and plunge the party into needless and avoidable crisis, should we allow ourselves to be bereft of restraint and circumspection.

” I am evaluating the available course of action to mend fence and ensure we navigate the ship of our party out of this perilous turbulence. I am a man of peace. The survival of our party, its hope and promise, I will never allow to suffer hurt. But I take exception to being vilified by those who are already in collusion with the ruling PDP in the state to sabotage our party’s chances in the 2023 elections, which all this machinations is contrived to achieve. Nor will I let any ground for those who are subordinating the party to their own whims and caprices, that if it is not them, then everything else can go to pieces.

“This fight is not for Bilal, alone, we must unite to save our party from fifth columnist within the party, whose alternative plan is to sow confusion within the party, after having sold the party and their conscience away to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, with a promissory note they hoped to cash after 2023 elections.

“But we would delude ourselves, if, we fail to keep a united house. Ultimately, it is God who bestows power, on whom he wills, when he wills, no mortal can ever take that omnipotence. Without stating the obvious, Sahara Reporters, which has been reportedly, hired, as a proxy for their disinformation campaign, terribly got it wrong. Because I couldn’t at this stage in my political life, have contemplated resigning my position as Adamawa APC party chairman. That said, they would soon hear from my lawyers, if within seven days they don’t retract their, fallacious and mendacious report, alleging my fictitious defection to the PDP.

“Once again, I wish to thank all APC faithfuls in Adamawa, for their solidarity, and goodwill, in this moment. This season, foisted upon us by elements bent on plunging a virile party into crisis will come to an end. Before that, the lesson of this moment, is that our peace and serenity as a party, must be guarded. It is priceless. And needs guarding jealously by all stakeholders of goodwill.
The script of the opposition to plunge the party into crisis, at the verge of a crucial elections, should reawaken our consciousness and vigilance. Because democracy dies through nonchalance to actions of a political class bent on subverting the rule of law.”

Adamawa community leaders decry negligence by NEDC, calls on Buhari to sack Alkali


Adamawa community leaders decry negligence by NEDC, calls on Buhari to sack Alkali

By Tom Garba, Yola

A cry of concern was made by a community leader of Palam and Mildu, Madagali local government area of Adamawa state over the negligence of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) of the entire Northern senatorial zone of the state.

Joseph Pius wadzamda a Youth leader of the Palam ward undermined the way and manner NEDC left communities in Madagali, a local government area ravaged by Boko Haram as the first victim of their attack with less attention.

Pius said NEDC under the leadership of Mohammed G Alkali is on a selective mission, concentrated in those areas where Boko Haram attacks do not affect them well.

He wondered why the commission was established to carter and bring about economic vibrancy in the area, but since its formation, according to him many communities in Adamawa state have seen NEDC as a mirage than an agency formed to revive the area.

A Youth leader of Mildu community, Anthony aberakwa is of the view that Alkali lacks what it takes to manage the commission, and the better option he should be relied on his duty and bring a competent person that can be fair to all victims of Boko Haram in the North East.

Anthony while calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack Alkali over his selfish treatment of many communities in Adamawa North.

He said the only project done by the commission is the Kuzum’s bridge in Michika and as far he is concerned the work is substandard and does not meet the terms of references and specifications.

According to him, the substandard work is because the contractor is not from the area, and alkali awarded contracts to people from other parts of the country who do not know what they went through during the insurgency Beehive days.

He said using home-based contractors will bring about good work and their conscience will prick them to do the right thing.

“The President should relieve Alkali of his duties, I don’t think he can work in the interest of all people.

” Since the commission came to be, nothing of immense value was done in my local government of Madagali, the worst hit area by Boko Haram.

“And the only work done in Michika is the construction of Kuzum bridge, but I tell that bridge is of low quality, I can’t see a federal government standard in the work.

” The contractors are all from another part of the country, but I’m of the view that if the work will be given to our sons and daughters who are contracts, its job will be neatly done because their conscience will never leave them to do the right thing.

“We are capable and qualified contractors that can handle all forms of contract the NEDC want, it’s better to give them than giving it to those that do not know what we want through during the Boko Haram days of attacks,” Anthony said

Efforts to reach out to Alkali, the NEDC media person by our reporter prove abortive as the numbers were not being picked at the time of press.

PANDEF meets SDP Presidential flagbearer insist on Power shift


Ahead of 2023 general elections, Pan Niger Delta Forum(PANDEF) has for the umpteenth time insisted that it is the turn of Southern Nigeria to produce the next president of the country in the spirit of fairness and justice.

PANDEF through its National Publicity Secretary, Ken Robinson reiterated its stand on power rotation during a meeting with Prince Adewole Adebayo, the presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party(SDP) on Tuesday in Abuja.

PANDEF, which comprises Southern and Middle Belt Forum, Afenifere, Ohaneze Ndigbo had since May 30th 2021, made a call to Political stakeholders and political parties in the country to ensure the principle of power rotation between Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria is considered.

According to Ken, Southern Nigeria has suffered marginalization under the current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari who would have by 2023 completed his statutory 8 years in the presidency and it will be unjust for another Nigerian of Northern extraction to succeed him.

He further stated clearly that any political party fielding a northern presidential candidate in 2023 can never have the support of PANDEF.

“There are reasons South South people are pro PDP and if those reasons no longer exist, people are bound to change their minds. The people of the Niger Delta are experienced, exposed and enlightened. And as leaders of Niger Delta people, we feel very sad and uncomfortable that a diverse society like Nigeria, after 8 years of a nothern presidency another northerner wants to take over from him.

” Let me repeat to you, I was on Arise TV early June this year after the PDP Primaries. We were asked because there were speculations that the APC will most likely go North, in fact the APC National chairman made a statement that they have a consensus candidates in the person of the Senate president. I said on that program that if the two major political parties produce northern candidates, it would be a declaration of war on Southern Nigeria.

“We are in a situation where an administration has operated in a system as if others don’t exist. There are seventeen major Paramilitary, Military and Intelligence agencies in the country. At the last count, fourteen of them are headed by persons from a certain part of the country. There are 6 zones, even if it is 2 per zone, you would have twelve and then have 5 left to be shared as you want but we have fourteen in one particular zone and just 3 in Southern Nigeria.

” The NNPC limited as it is called has eleven key management and board members, the South South has 1 person and over eighty percent of our oil resources come from the South South. The South East has 2, the South South has 1. In that kind of discriminatory administration of 8 years and then somebody in that kind of scenario wants to retain power again in the North, we are saying it’s unfair, we are saying it’s not proper and it’s not welcomed.

“We are taking our campaigns when it starts to Southern Nigeria, our friends in the Middle Belt and those Nigerians of goodwill and clear conscience in Northern Nigeria, to the Fulanis who understand that we need to work together, exist as a country, to prosper and become greater than what we are. We will meet people across Nigeria and let them know why the next president of Nigeria should come from Southern Nigeria, anything otherwise, and this is not a threat, it’s a statement.”

Ken also said, PANDEF is currently meeting all the presidential candidates from Southern Nigeria and will consequently reach an agreement to support whoever amongst them have what it takes to make Nigeria a better place.

“We need to work together as a people and bring back the Nigeria we used to know. There is only one person that will be president of Nigeria and there are a number of Southern Presidential candidates, all of them won’t be president, one person will be president but we want to know their vision and what they intend doing differently. How can you address the concerns of Nigerians?

” When we listen to those conversations, PANDEF will also carefully evaluate the realities on ground. Who can win the election? For us, we have one candidate that we don’t want to become the next president and then we have some candidates that any of them can be president and one of them is Prince Adewole Adebayo here.

“The distinguished Prince Adewole Adebayo is the second in the process. Last week, we engaged with the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) together with the other constituent members of the Southern and the Middle Belt Forum but today’s meeting is just PANDEF alone with the presidential candidate.

“We have agreed in our interactions that after this consultative meeting, we will have a larger meeting in one of the Niger Delta states to further engage the presidential candidates. PANDEF is interested in who could turn Nigeria around and give us a better country, a more stable county, a more peaceful country, a more united country and a greater Nigeria. That is our interest.”

In his reaction, the presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo stated his agenda and also used the occasion to emphasize on the importance of a united Nigeria.

“There is a conversation that has begun here today and it’s going to be a conversation that will continue with larger groups across Nigeria, the Middle Belt, the Southern Leaders and Niger Delta in particular. It’s also a conversation I believe God willing will continue because in this country, I only see Green White Green, I do not see any other color and I believe that as I have explained to the leaders, that the unity of Nigeria is number one.

“The entire purpose of my public life is to have a united Nigeria. There is no room for casting a doubt or a question mark or any but if condition on the continuity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It’s our heritage, and we’ll make it a prosperous one. No matter the problems we face in this country, no matter the difficulties, we will make sure Nigeria prospers and not a single square inch of Nigeria territory will be negotiated away. That’s number 1.

“Number 2, there is no problem that has been experienced by Nigeria that we can deny that the Niger Delta in particular has been carrying most of the weight for Nigeria over the years. There is no problem we see in that sector that we cannot cure with ease, in justice so that we can have peace.

“Thirdly, my attitude to Niger Delta is not just as a place that produces oil, I believe Niger Delta people as Nigerians. Let’s leave the oil first, without the oil, the Niger Delta is a valuable component of Nigeria. Before 1956 when we discovered oil in large quantities at Oloibiri, Nigeria could not have survived without the Niger Delta.

“The region has produced many great heroes of our history. That’s where our first commercial dealers dealing with the Portuguese, with the British, Dutch and this is where we had some of the greatest poets in the world. This is a place that produced Ola Rotimi and many others like that. So, it is not just a place that produces oil it is a component part of Nigeria. And we are dealing with the Niger Delta in our government as human being. So we emphasize the human component of it.

“The fourth thing is that, by the time you set up a good government based on justice, this division that we are mentioning now will cease to be relevant. Who becomes president will cease to be relevant. Because when a just man is in authority, people will not worry about the geography of his birth. That is why it is written in some books, when the righteous reigns, people rejoice.

“It is not written anywhere that when a northerner is on the throne, people rejoice or a southerner is on the throne, people rejoice. When Yoruba man is on the throne, people rejoice, when Niger Delta is on the throne, people rejoice. No, we need a righteous man and there are righteous people in every component of Nigeria.

” But, we must know that justice is both visible and invisible. The visible component of justice is that every Nigerian to look at any place in Nigeria and say it’s attainable to them. For this reason, I share the sympathy with the leaders of Niger Delta and leaders of Southern and Middle Belt Forum that the concept of people having the feeling that you can withhold back not only from region to region but from religion to religion.

” I also believe from gender to gender, from generation to generation, so, it’s something that is common and I believe that the power that rotates is better than the one that does not rotate. But rotation from one unjust man from the North to another unjust man from the South or an unjust man from the East or an unjust man from the west, that’s just rotation of suffering and that’s not the rotation that I believe in. I believe that if we should have this conversation, we will not look at ourselves from where we come from but where we are going. ” Adebayo said

When asked if PANDEF will be meeting also with the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), considering the Muslim/Muslim ticket which is against what is perceived PANDEF stands for, Ken
Answered in the affirmative.

He said, since the candidate is also from the South, he needs to be given a fair hearing to know if he ticks the boxes or not.

“Yes, we are going ahead to meet with the presidential candidate of APC. Our fathers and our national leader Chief Dr. Edwin Clerk is the supreme and national leader of the Niger Delta people but conversation has been ongoing and as leaders of people, it is proper to be broad minded and give fair hearing to everybody of your sons.

“They are all our sons and it is on that basis that he himself, Chief Dr Edwin Clerk directed that we should go ahead and have interactions with all the southern presidential candidates including Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“We are leaders, Afenifere, Middle Belt PANDEF, Ohaneze Ndigbo are the apex social cultural leadership organizations of all zones of the country and the leaders of these organizations are persons who have distinguished themselves in various fields of life and they will continue to demonstrate that fatherly nature and character in Nigeria and ensure that Nigeria gets the best in 2023 and they are committed to that cause.”

PR Officer Turns Entrepreneur, Boosting Kaduna Economy Through Bazaar


PR Officer Turns Entrepreneur, Boosting Kaduna Economy Through Bazaar

Bloody day for bandits as Soldiers crush 3, recover weapons.

Bloody day for bandits as Soldiers crush 3, recover weapons.
 In  a sustained operation to clear the North West of banditry and terrorism, troops of  1 Division, Nigerian Army have again neutralized bandits and terrorists along Sabon Birni, Dogondawa-Kuyelo and Farin Ruwa on  Saturday 3 September 2022.
A statement by the Director Army Public Relations Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu said the dogged and highly motivated troops, while on a fighting patrol, came in contact with unconfirmed  number of bandits. The troops in the ensuing shoot out , eliminated 3 of the terrorists and recovered two AK 47 rifles, nine  magazines, seven Baofeng communication radios, one Tecno  mobile phone, 120 rounds of 7.62 mm special ammunition , one power generator and a motorcycle.
Soldier parading a dead bandit killed in the bush
 It said the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya has commended the troops for their gallantry and urged them not to relent until banditry is eradicated in the region.  The General Officer Commanding 1 Division, Maj Gen Taoreed Lagbaja has urged all law abiding citizens to continue to support the troops and other security agencies with credible and actionable information, that would assist the troops in their operations against the criminal elements.

Mustapha at 66: When you have an SGF as a pillar of a Nation


Mustapha at 66: When you have an SGF as a pillar of a Nation

By Tom Garba, Yola

On a day exactly like today a son was born in Adamawa State, Northeast Nigeria to the Family of Mustapha, a teacher in the then Gongola State, Northern Province. Mustapha christened the newborn baby boy Boss, a name synonymous with leadership, the capacity to pilot affairs of a nation. Having a pilotage ability to guide and direct with all sense of initiatives, foresight, and administrative skills to serve humanity.

Sixty Six years down the line, Barrister Boss Mustapha was born to serve. His Birthday has recalled my memory of his early days in politics. Then he was much into humanity service as a practicing Lawyer, he gave the best in this regard with much interest in political participation.

At 66 Boss is today a household name, a name far above rubies with a flowering stature. In 1992 was the State Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), with steady growth in his political acceptance. On several occasions contested as a Governor in both SDP and APC. He was a managing director of Nigerian Inland waterways. A management consultant per excellent.

Boss is indeed an important intellectual rendezvous for the Law profession and public intellectuals in Nigeria. He built a political strong relationship as a party and grassroots Man. As a devout Christian who believes in equity, his life revolts around justice, peace, and development.
At 66 Barrister Boss can hark back with a strong measure of contentment to touch the lives of many people. In his nature of a patient Man, seldom in talking, but with a selective way of approach in any public or political gathering whenever he talks. A humble personality, he can stoop law to anyone looking for his attention. An apt and ardent listener but always coming out with a few words of inspiration. My few meetings with him and at public functions suggested to me Boss is friendly, kind-hearted, and always ready with a listening ear.

He occupies the current office of the Nigerian Secretary of the federal government, this is where I see him as a pillar in upholding the country’s live line. In this office, this Man has gone beyond the scribe of the Nation, he found it a place to stabilize the Economy, the battered unity, and corporate existence. He worked as a clock to make sure that Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime succeed well in serving Nigeria.

Many see him as a hard-working Man, but my understanding of Boss Mustapha is a blessing to Nigeria, a huge pride, especially to the people of Adamawa state. He is a pool of inspiration to the younger generation and a motivation to anyone looking for a good Nigerian with high intellectual capacity.

I join others in wishing Barrister Boss Mustapha many happy returns of the day. He is one of the few redemptive figures in a community SGFs where sometimes it is difficult to truly know what has happened to political leadership in our land. Boss stands out, with his integrity as a viable asset he can’t toy with, he remains a great man, a pillar hanging on the lights of Hope to Nigerians.

Happy many returns Sir, I wish you well with a successful and glorious ending, with greater achievements and accomplishments. Above all, I wish you a glorious place in Heaven.

Congratulations on your 66th birthday

Is a Journalist, a political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State. He can be reached through this means:

2023: Borno People Will Resist Attempt Not To Use BIVAS – Haske


2023: Borno People Will Resist Attempt Not To Use BIVAS – Haske


The Senatorial Candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in Borno South, Kudla Satumari Haske has countered plans by some politicians for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) not to use the Bi-Modal Voters Accreditation Machine System (BIVAS) adding that the people of the state will resist such plans.

According to Haske, not only Borno, some politicians want to cajole the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) into believing that electronic voting and transmission of election results cannot take place in areas where insecurity was experienced.

Reacting to an interview granted by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Army, Sen Ali Ndume that his community in Borno South has no internet connectivity for electronic election conduct, Haske said their supporters who are from the same communities are participating actively and campaigning for them online.

“Even if I am not in the village, it is our supporters that always send links of stories to our WhatsApp lines. They have WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups and communicate with us even on Twitter.

“We will not allow what happened in 2019 to repeat again. We have internet connectivity in Borno South and Borno State. We will not keep quiet for some individuals to mislead the public and the electoral umpire. Elections can be held in every Borno community with the use of BIVAS.

“So, if anyone says there is no internet in my Senatorial District, it is not a true reflection of the situation.

“There will not be any challenge if BIVAS is used. BIVAS will improve election transparency. No one can rig this election if INEC uses BIVAS and that is what we want from INEC,” Haske said.

“I want to assure the people that in my local government, there is no community where there is no mobile communication. They want to bring in a narrative that elections cannot be held electronically.

“How can my people who are engaging us on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media platforms be said to be offline?

“Let INEC collaborate with the security agencies to do what they are supposed to do. When Jonathan extended the election and carried out extensive security operations, ” election was held in every part of Borno State. Now that the APC government said they have degraded the insurgents, we don’t want an excuse that BIVAS cannot be used,” Haske said.

The PDP Senatorial Candidate in Borno South said anyone saying that there is no internet connection in Gwoza and other part of Borno State is selling a wrong narrative.

“Our people and our party cannot accept what was done to use in 2019 where some people just write results without the actual voters captured. In Gwoza LGA, INEC released 55, 000 ballot papers for the senatorial election that has 59,506 registered voters but over 100,000 votes were produced. We can’t accept that anymore, ” Haske said.

Haske who alleged that it is not only in Borno State some politicians don’t want BIVAS to be use, but that in most parts of the North.

“It’s not only Gwoza, but they want to extend it to every northern state where there is insecurity. BIVAS must be used. Anything short of that will not be accepted by us. We will concentrate at the polling units and ensure what happens in the polling unit is announced.

“Anyone who think he want to manipulate the process to change the wishes of the people by not using BIVAS will be resisted. The governor of Adamawa was complaining about the sudden rise in insecurity. All these issues are coming up so that they can reduce PDP votes in the North East,” Haske added.