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Otumba: The Last Man standing, the only option for Adamawa Emancipation


Otumba: The Last Man standing, the only option for Adamawa Emancipation

The People of Adamawa have discovered a leader, a Man with a passion to serve, to deliver, and recreate a new haven that truly suggests the state as a land of beauty. His knowledge in government is measureless, his experience in leadership is far-flung and his far-reaching experience in business to woo investors of all races and countries has stretched out to many nations of the world.

Mustapha Umar Madawaki is now a household name with his Otumba title that has become a slogan of political change mantra in Adamawa. The Man has no doubt a discovery of wisdom, one of the state’s Son that has what it takes to liberate, emancipate and salvage the State from the crutches of underdevelopment and put life, meaning, adding value into the political lifeline of the state.

In him is the girdle of strength to lead well, he holds in his hand the rod of direction that will take Adamawa to a haven of rest.

He is a beacon of hope, a glorious flying horse for the people of Adamawa State. It’s a beckoning and a clarion call to Young and old to see Otumba Man support because He is a Man to beat the gubernatorial race of the state.

I have searched, I have analyzed, Among all the people clamoring to be the next Governor of Adamawa State, whether in PDP, APC, NNPC, or whatever party the Labour Party (LP) candidate in the person of Mustapha Madawaki (Otumba) capped it all, and got all the threads of a better Governor to come 2023 for Adamawa state.

The people have spoken in many ways to need him for the revered office. He gave life to APC where he sojourned and aspired to be the party’s flag bearer. He put a good fight, a struggle that was considered by many party men he was the best for the party to win the 2023 election. But divergence interest and political hullabaloo of some mischief people have worked against him to lose in the primaries elections.

With his resilience and his good intentions for the state, the people with great voice beckoned on him to join the Labour Party, this is the party I now see hope for Adamawa people because a Man with a glaring ability to lead and secure the destiny of his people is now with the governorship ticket to wrestle out power from PDP government in 2023.

May I now shout it out and make it boldly in the tablet’s heart of all and sundry that Mr. Otumba remains the best candidate for the people of the state.

His vision and dream of a new Adamawa state have made him the number one Gubernatorial aspirant to have a blueprint of what he prepared to deliver to the people of the state. He is the first to tour the state and revealed to the twenty local government areas of the mineral resources they have and what he can do for them in his first four years.

May I, therefore, say that the greatest mistake that each voter can make is to vote against Labour Party? But a vote for Umar is the best way to get the state on yet another rail of development. A vote for Otumba is a value-added change, a wisdom that will set free everyone from a retrogressive government to a government of the people by the people and for the people. It’s a progressive government with Umar saddled in the affairs of leadership. Adamawa will be secure, free, and well positioned to grow in all facets of life.

The moribund companies and industries owned by State Government like Mubi burnt bricks, Scope, Adamawa homes, savings, and many more will be revived and empowered to increase the internally generated revenue.

This Man has the wherewithal, Otumba is more than able to turn around the state for World development. He has the potential to attract global attention, he is well equipped to make Adamawa earned the world news of positive stories of a captured Boko Haram state to a state that will capture the attention of the global economy. A state with a backward education to a revamped education forward every state. He is going to gear up the health Centres, the blocked waterways will run once again water in all the pipes of every locality in the urban towns and even villages.

I see Umar as the best and hope and the life-changing gear of the development of the state. This is who I can confidently call on all voters of Adamawa state to bargain their votes, rally their support around him, and give him the winning votes for a total victory to chase out ineptitude and selfish government agents who are in government to enrich themselves.

Otumba in Labour Party is salvation has come to all Adamawa Sons and Daughters, cast your vote wisely. It’s not a party affair it is a personality affair. The call is just simple, thumps up for Umar and on the ballot, it should be a thumbs down for the labor party come 2023. It’s the only way out. A way into another realm of development.

Otumba and Labor Party is for the emancipation of Adamawa state. The last and final option. This is my stand, my honest view in the interest of every one of us in Adamawa state.

Opinion writer and a Journalist
He wrote this from Yola-Adamawa State
He can be reached through this means:

SDP’s Adebayo blast Nigerian leaders, says lack of patrotism our greatest problem 


SDP’s Adebayo blast Nigerian leaders, says lack of patrotism our greatest problem 

Presidential Aspirant of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo accused the leadership of the country of being unpatriotic and controlled by greed .
This he said in a discussion with newsmen about the ongoing industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) which has seen Government-owned tertiary institutions closed down for over 3 months now.

He said ‘ those in Government know the right thing to do but are not interested in doing it. People in public office lack any iota of patriotism as they are controlled by greed and pillage the funds in Tertiary Education Trust Fund.

‘If an audit on the TET funds were to be carried out, you will be dazed by how much has been spent despite ASUU being on strike and the actions of the people in power is killing the education system’… Prince Adebayo said
‘One of the reasons why the strike will continue is that Public office holders have children studying abroad hence are insulated from the lingering ASUU strike’… Prince Adebayo
‘While in the University, it was normal to see children of public officers In the same school with us but it is s not the same today.’

The leadership is highly inconsiderate and are not interested in improving the infrastructure of the education system but are only interested in enjoying the privileges of office’… Adewole Adebayo

The youths have a wonderful opportunity to remove these greedy people from office. It can be done through the polls and I hope the average Nigerian Youth will exercise their franchise by voting out everyone who does not have interest of the country at heart .

2023: Don’t Vote For Tickets Without Christians, APC Northern Leaders Declare


2023: Don’t Vote For Tickets Without Christians, APC Northern Leaders Declare

The All Progressives Congress APC Northern Christian Leaders have called on Nigerians not to vote for any tickets that are not mixed between Christians and Muslims.

According to the APC Northern Christian Leaders, the Muslim -Muslim tickets are divisive and must be rejected by all patriotic Nigerians.

Speaking at the APC Northern Christian Leaders Summit, with the former secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, Former Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Former Minister of sport, Solomon Dalung, Sen Ishaku Abbo and several other Christian leaders in the North, they declared that the insinuation Northern Muslims will not support a Christian running made was untrue and divisive.

Speaking at the summit, the former secretary to the government of the federation, Babachir Lawal who was also the chairman of the occasion, said colleagues within and even outside the APC express some shock and even disbelieve over their reaction to the APC’s Muslim-Muslim ticket in the 2023 general elections, adding that it is a grand conspiracy against the Northern Christians.

“Our opposition has some historical basis,” Lawal said. “There were times in the past when Christians produced the Deputy Governors in Kebbi, Niger and Kaduna States. Now it is wholly Muslim-Muslim tickets.

“It is worth noting that all these are happening in APC-controlled states. They are threatening to do likewise in Gombe, Kogi and Adamawa States.

“It is also now a recurring practice in the north whereby any Christian traditional ruler that dies is replaced with a Muslim prince albeit from the ruling family even if the most qualified and preferred prince is a Christian. The recent case of Billiri Chiefdom in Gombe State is still fresh in our minds.

“Proof of its anti-Christian agenda is that our party itself has completely eliminated northern Christians from its NWC and NEC. All our protestations as party members have been completely ignored by the party leadership. But as members of the APC, we have the right to continue to express our indignation at these happenings and will not give up until we secure the justice that is due us.

“The main purpose of this historical narrative is to let you know that for The APC, a Muslim-Muslim ticket has been a longterm political strategy and not a one-off decision. Thus, all this talk of competence as the reason for the choice of the Muslim VP is balderdash and diversionary. This is a calculated anti-Christian exclusion agenda that is being implemented.

“One might ask: why is the APC itself mute about our rejection of this Muslim Muslim ticket? And why has none of the other perpetrators of this crises reached out to Christians for a dialogue? Why are they instead hiring fake Bishops and take church groups to further embarrass the Church? Why are they embarking on a vicious media war against CAN and the Church instead of seeking reconciliation? Truly, things are not adding up.

“So why are Christian’s, Northern Nigerian Christians in particular against the MM (Muslim -Muslim) ticket? I will try to enumerate just a few more reasons in addition to the ones I have already enumerated above:

“We see this ticket as an assent to the current and continuing educational, economic and political marginalization of the Northern Nigerian Christians. By way of illustration, I want to give the following employment data in tertiary institutions based in the North alone. This data is for both Federal and State-owned Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.

“Federal Universities Vice Chancellors 28. Muslims 23, Christians 5. State Universities Vice Chancellors 22. Muslims 17, Christians 5. Federal Polytechnics Rectors 21. Muslims 18, Christians 3. State Polytechnics Rectors 20. Muslims 16, Christians 4. Federal Colleges of Education Provosts 23. Muslims 22 Christian 1. State Colleges of Education Provosts 31. Muslims 24, Christians 7.

“Of course, it goes without saying that employment to all other positions from the Registrar down to the cleaner in these institutions will be replicated in a similar manner. This scenario is what we find in all agencies of governments in the north. Therefore, we view this MM ticket as an extension of this practice of exclusion to the uppermost level of government, ” Lawan said.

According to him, “Christians all over the country see this MM ticket as a deliberate and premeditated attempt to introduce and firmly entrenched religion into the politics of this country. This, of course, will lead to further disharmony in the hitherto fragile coexistence of the Nigerian society, disrupt peace and hamper both social and economic development of the country.

“Christians, and indeed most enlightened Nigerians are at a loss as to why people that intend to govern a country with our kind of diversity would choose this path to power. This is very divisive and must be rejected by all patriotic Nigerians.

“Implied in this ticket is the insinuation that northern Muslims are not willing to vote for a ticket that has a Christian on it and on which they are not represented. It is our believe that northern Muslims would have seen the Justice in a Muslim-Christian ticket and would have given it their overwhelming support had the party been inclined to do so.

“A corollary to this mindset is that Christian’s should also not vote for a ticket in which they are not accommodated. Unfortunately, this is the message we get loud and clear from this MM ticket. This is truly a wake up call for all Nigerian Christians. We didn’t start this religious politics, APC and its candidates did; so all of us should take note and act as appropriate, ” Lawal added.

Lawal who advises his APC colleagues to spare them the sanctimonious lectures on “competence” and the cliche “religion of the candidates do not matter added that “The truth is that the 2023 presidential election will be all about religion, and sadly, you started it; religion does matter in this context so be ready for the consequences.

“It is important to reiterate that we Nigerian Christians, want to live in peace and harmony with all practitioners of other religions. We want to enjoy social and economic developments like other parts of the world but without peace, justice and religious harmony, this is not possible.

“On our part, we neither seek to oppress nor dominate any one or any religion. But we will also resist any one trying to discriminate against us and our religion. We were not the ones that started this fight. The APC started it and must be ready to carry the cross it has created. Blaming Christian’s and heaping insults on CAN will take them nowhere.

“For, how do they expect Christians to keep silent when a northern state governor publicly states that they pressured Tinubu to get a northern Muslim VP because they did not believe him to be a good Muslim? Is the VP going to be the National Deputy Imam? How do they expect us to keep silent when another northern state governor goes to Osun State and urges them to vote for someone just because he is a Muslim? Was he there for the election campaign or “dawah”? What can be a better example of religion in politics than demonstrated by these governors?

“Clearly, there is an agenda to politically, religiously, and economically suppress and oppress the Northern Christian. But we are up to the task. We will protect ourselves. The PVC and our prayers will be our weapons of choice and we will massively deploy them in 2023.

“But while we are ready to battle this politics of exclusion and oppression, we are open to discussions with any one who wants to engage with us in good faith. As I always do, I want to end with this quotation from Romans 8:31: “What then shall we say in response to these things.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” May God bless and reward all our collective efforts at seeking to live in peace with one another in Nigeria, our blessed country, ” Lawan added.

On his part, the former speaker of the house of representatives, Yakubu Dogara, said with the Muslim-Muslim ticket in their party APC, Nigeria going the way of the Nazi Germany.

Dogara, who said the APC wants to disintegrate Nigeria like, USSR and Yugoslavia, added that the party looked like a “janjaweed” party.

According to Dogara, Nigeria of 2022 is not the Nigeria of 1993 adding that the presidential candidate of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has made a fatal error of judgment.

Dogara who supported other Christian leaders stand on the Muslim Muslim ticket, called on Christians to seek for alternative platform in the 2023 elections.

“Righteousness Exalts A Nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Truth must be told that anyone who is not bringing us together is consciously tearing us apart,” Dogara added.

Sen Ishaku Abbo said no northerner will fight his brother because he is a Muslim adding that they are fighting injustice.

He called on Nigerians to reject every divisive tendency of individuals to divide the people.

Zonal Leadership of PWD says Nigerian security has been sabotaged



Zonal Leadership of PWD says Nigerian security has been sabotage

The Northwest zone leadership of the Persons With Disability, PWD of the All Progressive Congress, (APC) has aledged that the lingering insecurity in the country is the handiwork of perceived enemies of the state.

Addressing newsmen in Kaduna, the zonal chairman, PWD of the party, Hon. Muhammad Lawal Narogo explained that insecurity is being fueled to discredit President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

He noted that the present administration has done excellently well through the provision of good governance to the teeming population of the country.

It is on this note that Narogo called on all people with disability in the country to get their PVCs to vote for the APC at all levels in the forthcoming general elections.

The Chairman also applauded the present administration on its initiative for the creation of the National commission for the disabled, which according to him has given the PWD a sense of belonging.

“We are happy that persons with disability have now been given special recognition, we now have a candidate from Sokoto state vying for the Senate seat and one other from a southern state,” he disclosed.

Narogo appreciated Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje for paying WAEC/NECO fees for children with disabilities in the state, saying, his gesture has shown that there are leaders who care for the disabled.

Your Paralysis and Reluctance prolonging  ASUU Strike, NLC hammers Buhari

Your Paralysis and Reluctance prolonging  ASUU Strike, NLC hammers Buhari
Nigerian Labour Congress Chairman Kaduna State Chapter Comrade Ayuba Suleiman today stated that Labour Union is dismayed by  Federal Government non-observance of agreement describing it  as government’s paralysis and reluctance to end the strike.
According to him, the strike action was due to the non-observance by government on the agreements with the unions in the tertiary education subsector.
The Union during a protest in Kaduna on Tuesday explained that the dispute between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has manifested into strike action for over five months.
He urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to stop proliferation of public universities in the country, while requesting quick intervention of government on ASUU’s strike.
According to the Chairman, the strike action has come at a huge cost for the students, the university staff, parents, the government and the entire country.
” On our part, we have taken various initiatives to end this strike including writing to the Ministers of Education and Labour and Employment and the Presidency. Although, this elicited some response from government, it was tokenistic and not sufficient,” Sulaimon added.
While speaking, the Kaduna labour leader also demanded that government should as a matter of urgency pay the withheld salaries of university staff, to honour agreements and establish a frame work for repositioning the universities for competitive service delivery.
Responding to the protesters, the Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly,  Hon. Yusuf Zailani who was represented by the Deputy Speaker, Isaac Auta, assured NLC of the lawmakers’ support to ensuring that the students return to their various institutions soon.

Market women join NLC solidarity protest for ASUU in Taraba


Market women join NLC solidarity protest for ASSU in Taraba

Market women in Taraba on Tuesday joined the solidarity protest organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), for Nigeria university striking lectures, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Mrs Agnes Panya,  the spokesperson for the women at  the protest in Jalingo said, they had decided to join the protest to protect the academic future of their children.

According to her, ensuring that their children acquire higher education was the only hope for surviver when old age finally exit them from the market since most of them have long ago, lost their husbands.

“We believe that our children would have reasonable jobs to take care of us and build our families if they acquire higher education when the old age finally exit us from the market.

“Some of us have many years ago lost our husbands, but what is keeping our  hope alive  is our children,  who are in the university.

“We believe that they will grow and serve as children and husband if they acquire higher education but if the universities are not open for them to go back to school then, our hope would be lost.

“70 per cent of bandits and criminals in Nigeria are non educated youth, we are afraid that this children may turn to join criminal groups due to idleness if the institutions remain closed,” she said.

Earlier, Mr  Peter Jediel,  the state NLC chairman told Representatives of the Taraba state governor at the government house that the NLC in solidarity with other Unions in the state were complaying with the directives from the national secretariat of the union.

He appealed to the state government to contribute its quota  to ensure that the Federal government end the ASSU strike within one week.

Meanwhile, the Taraba  Commissioner for Special Duties and Humanitarian Affairs, Mr Taninga Binga, while responding on behalf on behalf of the Taraba Government promised that, the state government would collaborate with other states in the country to intervene.


Kaduna Group set to tackle sexual and drugs abuse, tasks NGOs, others on human empowerment.


Kaduna Group set to tackle sexual and drugs abuse, tasks NGOs, others on human empowerment.

Group under the auspices of New Day Empowerment and Development Foundation (NDEDF) has resolve to do more in tackling the menace of sexual and drugs abuse amongst youths.

Rising from an extra ordinary meeting in Kaduna yesterday, the Convener of the Group Mrs Grace Jessica Daniel maintained that
some young people now find solace in drugs abuse and sexual abuses which are all inimical to human development calling on all Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations to include strategic plans against sexual and drugs abuses amongst young people.

Grace pinpointed that driving youth empowerment in an atmosphere of drugs and sexual abuse and unhygienic environment is extremely cumbersome.

‘New Day Empowerment and Development Foundation mandate is to organise meetings, seminars, symposium on issues that promotes peace, progress and General wellbeing of people in the society and minimise resources and educational opportunities for vulnerable children in the society’

‘provide food, cloth and empower vulnerable people in the society and ensure women, children and younger adults are safe, protected and heal at home school and communities’

‘facilitate the rehabilitation of traumatized children through various means such as counselling, dance, music, sensitise children, younger adults and women on the effect of sexual and drug abuse on themselves and the community at large, provide welfare for the less privilege and build capacity and sensitise children, younger adults and women on reproductive health, rights and other viral and preventable illness such as HIV, hepatitis’ she stressed

Taraba APC Guber begins free eye treatment to 5250 



Taraba APC Guber begins free eye treatment to 5250


The gubernatorial campaign organization of the All Progressives Congress APC in Taraba state on Monday begun a free eye treatment for 5250 residents in the state.

Correspondent reports that the exercise which is been sponsored by the APC governorship candidate, senator Emmanuel Bwacha was being carried out by an Abuja based NGO, UC-Eye Care Center.

Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha while speaking during the commencement of the exercise in Donga said, the idea was to underscore his concerns about the social wellbeing of the people especially those who cannot afford the cost of their health management.

According to the governorship candidate, the treatment was also aimed at eradicating cases of blindness and restoring vision to people who are vulnerable to blindness in Taraba state.

He disclosed that the three weeks free eye treatment exercise which has kick started in Donga local government, will cover some local governments in the Southern and Central Zones during the first phase, before moving to the Northern Zone.

“This free eye treatment exercise is to eradicate cases of blindness in Taraba state.

“The NGO, UC-Eye Care Center will treat 5250 residents of Taraba within the period of three weeks. They have Kickstart the project today with Donga local government and is going to reach across all 16 local government area of the state, devoid of tribe, religion or political affiliation”. Bwacha explained.

Earlier, coordinator of the NGO, Aliyu Mairiga disclosed that it has assembled highly experienced Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic Nurses and Opticians from across the country in order to ensure high professional standards and safety of its patients.

He noted that Wukari local government will take its turn on Tuesday, Ibbi on Wednesday, before the team will moves to Gassol on Thursday.

According to the coordinator, the Eye Centre team will split into two and take the exercise simultaneously to Bali, Gashaka, Sardauna and Kurmi on Friday before returning to Jalingo by the weekend of August 3, 2022. for residents in the northern part of the state.

Kaduna group root for FoI bill domestication, tasks El-rufai, Kaduna Assembly


Kaduna group root for FoI bill domestication, tasks El-rufai, Kaduna Assembly

The Transparency and Accountability in Totality Initiative (TinT) the mother organization of FollowTaxes has called on the State Government and House of Assembly to fast track the passage of the Freedom of Information (FoI) Bill to allow it to be domesticated in the State.“We are calling on the residents of Kaduna State, the Kaduna State Government, and Honorable Members of the State House of Assembly to fast-track the domestication of this Bill.” The group said.

TinT, at a Press Conference on Monday stated that domestication of the FOI Act was part of the milestone of the OGP commitment on Access to Information in the First State Action Plan (SAP, 2018-2020), which was not achieved.

According to Senior Communications and Partnership Leader, Jamila Mohammed Dahiru, it is on record that Kaduna State government is making concerted effort towards the domestication of the Act over the years, but the Bill is still at it’s second reading.

Jamila explained that if the Bill is domesticated it will enhance access to public information, protect public records on ground of public interest and personal privacy, as well as protect public officers who provides such information.

She disclosed that “We have since the start of the project made several advocacies to relevant stakeholders including state (Executive and Legislature) and non-state actors and sincere commitments have been made by the stakeholders on working alongside us to achieve the commitment.”

“The domestication of this Act is important because it gives room to openness, transparency and accountability in government and strengthen the democratic structure with the end result of creating values. This is one of the cores values the current administration intends to achieve, as it also fulfils the components of the OGP which the state is a signatory to.” She said.

“The domestication Bill titled ‘A Bill for a Law to make Public records and information available to protect records, information, personal privacy, and serving public officers in Kaduna State’ was first submitted to the State House of Assembly in 2018. After second reading, it was sent back to effect some correction which was done, and re-submitted to the house for consideration in 2019.

“The Kaduna State Government joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in the year 2016 as part of its commitment to promote accountability, transparency and citizens’ engagement in governance, hence concerted efforts were made to institutionalize OGP principles in all the sectors of the state integral part of this effort is strengthening and actualizing public’s right to access information as empowered by the Freedom of Information Act at the national level which is in the process of domestication in Kaduna state. She added.

TinT, is currently implementing Strengthening Civil Society and Local Engagement Activity (SCALE) project aimed at advocating and supporting both state and non-state actors towards the domestication of the Freedom of Information Act in Kaduna State, in collaboration with Gatefield, a project funded by USAID through Palladium in Nigeria.

CJTF To Govt: Involve Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina Youths In Military Operations


CJTF To Govt: Involve Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina Youths In Military Operations

By Sunday Isuwa, Abuja

The Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) has called on the Nigerian government to include indeginous youths in Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto, Zamfara, and Katsina in all military operations.

According to the CJTF, the youths know their communities very well and are willing to contribute their quarter in the fighting against terrorists.

Speaking at it National Summit in Abuja which brought all stakeholders together, the National Chairman of CJTF, Dr Kailani Mohammed, said with the success story they achieve in the North East, added the youths in the North West should be included in the military operations adding that the CJTF have a formidable way of recruiting youths that will assist in the military operations.

“The Nigerian military’s operations against insurgency and kidnapping currently taking place in Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto, Zamfara, and Katsina requires a similar approach of military operatives and civilians.

“The local youths know their communities very well and they are determined to protect their area and family members. Already, the leadership of CJTF in the country has a way of recruiting decent youths who are willing to defend their areas and their families.

“These youths have a history of bravery and, if given the chance, many will volunteer to work in the taskforce in order to bring respite to and rid their community from insurgency and banditry.

“On this note, it behoves this gathering to chart a way forward that would be presented to the Nigerian authorities as well as Governors in the North West for their consideration,” Mohammed said adding that the menace of insecurity is now tough in the North West but that the youths are willing to fight back to defend their areas and their families.

“North West region is densely populated but recruiting willing vigilantes who advisably should be placed on a monthly stipend will do a lot of good to the region and the country at large. Undoubtedly, the gathering of intelligence would be much easier with the CJTF in place.

“While Governors in this region should rise and step up measures, by committing adequate resources to fight the security challenges, engaging CJTF will equally add value to their efforts as well as increase and provides people with temporary jobs that would keep them occupied, enable them to provide food for their families and make farming safe in these areas.

“As we look forward to identifying the challenges, it is expected that the summit will work out proactive plans of engagement with the government and other various stakeholders to help nip the challenges and prevent it from further spread, ” Mohammed said.

“Over time, the menace of Boko Haram in Borno and Yobe States have affected so many people, and the development has led to the killing of innocent Nigerians, displacement of many families, stifling of economic growth while causing the death of agile youths, women and children.

“While this development was so sad, but thank God Almighty, the formation of the Civilian Joint Task Force CJTF has been assisting the security operatives at rooting out the Boko Haram fighters in these states.

“From the year 2013, when CJTF was formed, the joint effort between the security operatives and the youth who volunteered to support the security operatives have yielded favourable results.

“The security operatives with their vast training and the Youths with their knowledge of the terrain have come together to tackle the menace head on by protecting the local communities from the atrocities of the Boko Haram fighters.

“The role of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) was by no means a success story and to a large extent, formation of similar groups has progressively expanded over the years to the other parts of the country, particularly the North West where the security challenge of insurgency and kidnapping for Ransom suddenly spread.

“The success stories of C-JTF emanating from the Boko Haram epicenter in Nigeria’s northeastern states, particularly Borno and Yobe, must have encouraged the annexing of C-JTF in the Secretary-General’s Annual Report for Children and Armed Conflict for the recruitment and use of children.

“And following the listing, UNICEF, in its role as Co-chair of the United Nations Country Task Force for the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism on grave violations against children, has been working with the group and Nigerian authorities to develop an Action Plan that would guarantee attainment of the goal, focusing on raising awareness about the plight of children, and promoting the monitoring and reporting of abuses, ” Mohammed added.

On his part, the Deputy Commandant of the CJTF Maiduguri, Borno State Modu Aji Isa, said they have over 32,000 CJTF in Borno State that are supported by the government.

Isa said even though they lost about 7,000 members in the war against insurgents, added that the government has been taking care of the widows and the children including giving them free education and health care.