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Seeking Peace: Christian youths storm Kaduna Mosque in clearing glass ahead of Sallah prayers

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Seeking Peace: Christian youths storm Kaduna Mosque in clearing glass ahead of Sallah prayers
As sallah  festivity approaches , a team of  volunteer Christians youths and elders from Kachia local Government of Southern Kaduna North Western Nigeria has joined their Muslims counterpart in clearing all the bushes and other plastic trash around the premises of the central Mosque with the aims of strengthening Christians and Muslims relationship in the state and to promote peace ,tolerance, forgiveness and harmony
Mr Daniel Bitrus is the leader of an association  called (community peace observers ) that is working voluntarily under interfaith mediation center in Kachia local Government Kaduna who says that, they came to the Mosque with other Christians brothers and sisters with cutlasses ,hoe ,brooms ,with the aims of helping Muslims cutting Down all the grasses which lasted for two days
The exercised which lasted for 2 days has enabled many Christians and Muslims to interact, dialoque, exchange hand of friendship and talk on better ways to promote religion tolerance and better understanding among the adherence of the two religion.
According to him, Clearing and cutting down  the grass and other trashed together around the premises of the Mosque ,  provide a huge opportunity for Christians youth  to assist their neighbors which are Muslims to come to the mosque and clear all the grasses to boost peace and harmony.
He said, “we are here to support our brother Muslims toward cutting down all the grasses and also clear the dirt in the mosque surrounding with the aims of promoting peace and unity”
“we hope to continued doing this every year to promote religion tolerance in the area”
Thousands of muslims usually pray at this ground and that is why we joined hands toward clearing the all the grasses
Danial pointed that they were at the eid-il-kabir ground with other Christians youths to support their  neighbors  in clearing the surrounding of the mosque.
we are one family under God, and we are children of Adam and Even ,and we all have our holy books from One God”
Helping muslims became importance at this time,  so as to promote better understanding among different faith base organization.
Southern kaduna in the fast years has faces many kind of ethno-religious political crisis that cause destruction of properties and lost of many lives,and hence the need to join hands toward making the state a better place
Miss Jesica Akila who is one of the women leader in the area that arrived the mosque in the early hour of Saturday with her Cutlass and some bags of pure water, expressed delight as she participate fully in clearing the ground for eid-il-kabir festivity.
She said, she came here to encourage muslims toward clearing all the grasses surrounding  the praying ground, while emphasizing on the need for both muslims and christains toward sthreatening good relationship among the followers of the two holy books
Jesica equally thanks all the muslims imams and muslims youth for the encouragement toward promoting peaceful coexistaance among different faith base organization in the region
Responding Mallam Ibrahim Tasiu  who is the secretary of jama’atul nasrul islam  JNI in kachia local government,  and equally a preacher in the central mosque of kachia,
He expressed happiness over the large turned out of Christians youth that came to support them at the praying ground,while saying that the Christians youths were the first that came out for the cutting grass exercise before any other muslims arrived the mosque.
Stressing that they came with bags of pure water to support  muslims with water to drinks
He says, this has never happen in the history of kachia local government, they called on muslims and Christians to always be their brother keepers
He said this is the fisrt time , they had such a large turn out of people that came out in mass including Christians towards clearing all the dirt surrounding the eil-il Kabir ground
Ibrahim  pray and bless all the Christians that came for the excercised while calling on both muslims and Christians to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours
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