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Udoka Obi Cries To God To Heal Our World

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Udoka Obi Cries To God To Heal Our World

A renowned US based gospel singer, Dr UD Obi, has called for unity, love and peace amongst peoples, irrespective of creed, tongue and race.

The songwriter and singer via her songs prayed and urged all and sundry to continue to pray to God to heal us and our world, thus making it a better place for all.

In a statement on her Album, the amiable singer, further unfolds her passion for preaching God’s word, the message of peace and love through music.


” Dr UD Obi is a singer/songwriter and very passionate about spreading the word of God and the message of peace and love through music. She has always loved music and sang in choirs since she was a child.

” Her music is inspired by her Christian faith and her name Udoka, which means “Peace is great” in Igbo language.

” Dr UD Obi also holds a PhD in Engineering. Dr UD Obi is on radio rotation with the tracks, ‘Heal our World, Heal Us’ and ‘Father of Mercy’.

” The song ‘Heal our World, Heal Us’ reflects on the pain caused by wars, violence, and injustice. The song is a cry to God to free our world from conflicts and wars and bring unity and glorious peace to troubled nations and homes.

” It is also a call for everyone irrespective of our religious or political affiliations or our background, to learn to love one another, and live in peace and harmony and put an end to all the divisions and hatred between individuals, groups, and nations” the statement added .

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