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You Can’t Be PDP Chairman, Senatorial Candidate At Same Time, Group Tells Bala Mande

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You Can’t Be PDP Chairman, Senatorial Candidate At Same Time, Group Tells Bala Mande

A group known as Youth For Good Governance has asked Chairman of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Zamfara State Chapter, Col. Bala Mande (RTD) to resign over flouting of the party’s constitution

In an interview with newsmen in Kaduna, Coordinator of the group Musa Tsafe lambasted Mande for still presiding over PDP’s affairs in Zamfara State as its Chairman despite contesting and winning a Senatorial primary election in the State for the forthcoming 2023 general election.

Tsafe quoted Section (Article) 48 1[g] of PDP’s Constitution which he said spelt in clear terms the illegality of the Zamfara State party’s chairman.

According to him, “subject to the Provision of the party Constitution, any member holding any office in the party at any level shall be deemed to have resigned that office if he or she assumes any of the following office, including that of which Bala Mande has contested for and is now a Senatorial Candidate of PDP for 2023 general election.

” This illegality and impunity must not be allowed to set bad precedence in the body of our nation’s polity.

” If Mande is allowed to get away with this blatant disregard for his Party’s constitution and code of conducts, others after him will do the same and even worse.

” From an undisputable source on ground in Zamfara, I can authoritatively tell you Bala Mande is still presiding as Chairman of PDP in that state.

” This clearly shows that laws are meant to be disrespected by some few while others are forced to obey as if We were in Animal Farm, a fictional allegory as prosed by George Orwell, which illustrates how power is abused by supposed custodians of it.

“Am very surprised that among those that contested the primary election with Bala Mande are not challenging this illegality been displayed in the state.

“Mande must not be allowed to get away with this attitude, others who bought forms to contest like him should seek redress from the appropriate quarters to challenge this illegality and impunity.

“We are calling on National Chairman of PDP and members of his working Committee not to pretend as if they are not aware of what is going on, to as a matter of exigency make Bala Mande adhere to provisions of the party he claims to be a member, ” Tsafe urged.

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